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    Agosto Workflows

    Reduce time from request to approval

    Delays happen when team members wait for paper or even email sign-off approvals of basic requests. Imagine a simple, cost-effective workflow that electronically notifies the right person or people as soon as a request is made. Appropriate team members can view a project's real-time status and contribute approvals or notes along the way, outside of email. That's an Agosto workflow.


    Tracks, trails and e-storage

    With Google Apps, Agosto workflows enable requests and communication via email or as someone views a project status. Tracked, timed and saved, Agosto workflows are perfect for audit trails, archiving and electronic storage. No matter how many approval steps or people involved, Agosto can make it go more smoothly and reduce lag time and lost documents.


    "Agosto was key in integrating a solution that decreased our implementation costs and timeline."

    Kevin May
    CIO, CATCO Parts and Service