How much does Google Drive for Work Cost?

From Google:
$10 per user/month $120 per user/year

  • Licenses
  • Email/phone support
  • Generic help site for best practices

From Agosto:
$10 per user/month $120 per user/year

  • Licenses
  • Email/phone support
  • Tailored help site for best practices
  • Ongoing tips & tricks and advice from our experts
  • Account management and check-ins
  • Plan for Google roadmap updates

Further customize your Agosto services for a tailored fit:

  • Evaluation
  • Change Management
  • Migration
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • 3rd Party Solutions
  • Support for other Google products
  • Custom product development to solve business challenges

What is Google Drive for Work? 

Google Drive for Work is a premium version of Google Apps for Work (which many people might know it by: Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Enterprise). Google Drive for Work includes the base solutions included in Google Apps for Work, but also includes Google Vault for every user. That means you get all the collaboration tools, plus unlimited storage, eDiscovery, auditing, and reporting features. 

We tailor Google Drive for Work to fit your company, and offer the licenses at the same price Google does: $120 per user/year. 

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Why go through Agosto instead of
going direct to Google?

Founded in 2001, Agosto is a Google Premier Partner and cloud product development company. We don't believe solutions are one size fit all. Bringing technical experience to the table, we offer a level of personalized support that you can’t get from Google. Agosto is your high-end consultancy. Our experts tailor each solution to guarantee the best fit for your company. We customize our service options, and trim it to your exact measurements. 



Mobile business transformed

Work together on Google's collaboration platform with anyone in real-time. It's designed so you can work from wherever you are, whether that's a taxi cab or a home office from any device. 

Unlimited storage

No more deleting old emails and no more storage quotas IT teams have to manage. With Google Drive for Work, every user gets unlimited storage. They can even store single files up to 5 terabytes (if you have a file that big). 

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What's in Google Drive for Work?

You get the collaboration platform from Google apps, plus unlimited storage, auditing, reporting, and eDiscovery features from Vault. This formula is helpful: Google Apps + Vault = Google Drive for Work. 

Information governance

A company’s most sensitive information lives between thousands of files, emails, and end-user devices. With Drive for Work, the Vault eDiscovery tool lets you manage information, making it simple to find the data you are looking for. You can retain emails and on the record chats for a much longer time than with standard retention products. IT admins have visibility with:

  • eDiscovery 
  • Archiving
  • Legal holds
  • Audit reports
  • Built-in mobile security
  • Suspicious login detection
  • Whitelist/blacklist domains and apps for users
  • Undelete files
  • Intuitive admin console


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