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    Move from Microsoft Exchange
    to Google Apps

    Organizations leaving Microsoft Exchange for Google Apps are ready to leave behind a rigid, old-fashioned legacy platform for an IT solution that is as efficient as it is innovative.  Our migration experts know the various factors that need to be considered when coming from Exchange; some of the topics we cover during the planning and pilot phases include:

    • Mail Coexistence/Routing. When we migrate your company’s early adopters to Google Apps, other members of your organization are still going to be on Microsoft Exchange until we complete the migration, leaving both platforms operational for some period of time.  Managing coexistence and ensuring that everyone still communicates without difficulty is paramount during this phase.
    • Free/Busy Time. Much like mail coexistence, availability of querying calendar Free/Busy time is a requirement we meet to smooth your transition.  Users on Microsoft Exchange and users on Google Apps will still be able to see and overlay each other’s calendars.
    • Directory Synchronization. Likewise, directory sync ensures that users on both platforms can access each other’s contact information to easily communicate with co-workers.
    • Data Migration. Our team will walk you through the options concerning the migration of mail, calendar and contact data.  Depending on how comprehensively your personnel uses mail, calendar and contacts, this phase can be one of the most time consuming, but arguably the most important.
    • Mobility. Many organizations have options to send and receive data to mobile devices. We know that constant communication is important and we strive to keep the same options availability to you for your mobile devices.
    • On-premise vs. Hosted Exchange. Over time, Exchange has developed so that certain clients are using on-premise servers, while others work with hosted, or outsourced, Exchange servers. In either case, we can handle the transition, and configuring your migration will proceed smoothly.

    To get started with Google, contact us.