Single Sign On Solution

Okta’s single sign-on (SSO) connects you to your most important work apps, with hundreds of SaaS apps already integrated, like, WebEx, and Google Apps. Even connect your custom-built internal web apps for no additional cost. The secure SSO is delivered via SAML or Okta’s own Secure Web Authentication (SWA). No startup fees. Just one low user/month subscription.


Your New Homepage For Everything

Once logged in, you have full access to every web application you need, whether it’s in the cloud or behind your own firewall. The clean homepage has a simple layout with all of your app’s icons. One click gets you to all of your apps so you don’t have to write your passwords down and stash them in your desk. Okta also installs a custom tab in your browser’s bookmarks linking to all of your cloud apps.


A Web Portal With Your Brand

If you have an employee web portal, Okta supports that too. Using Okta’s APIs, you can embed individual applications or the entire homepage directly into your portal.  


Mobile SSO

We think typing passwords on smartphones is pretty hard. And remembering scattered usernames and passwords is hard. Okta Mobile has SSO native to mobile apps. Once you’ve established your session in Okta Mobile, logging into an app is simple.

Stay productive with Okta’s Mobile App for iOS and Android. Every application accessible through the desktop version is also accessible through Okta Mobile SSO. You’re just a click away from any application, even on your phone.


Help Yourself

Okta has several self service capabilities. In your home page you have: password management for Okta and connected apps, application provisioning, and layout customization.

If a user forgets their Okta password, they have password support with just one click. Every user can manage their account information and customize their own homepage.  
Set policies for which apps are available for self service provisioning: person, enterprise, or both. For privacy, personal applications are reported to IT in aggregate. Usage reporting shows the most used self-provisioned apps so IT can see which apps should be centrally managed and supported.


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