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  • G Suite Email Protection and Control: Trends and Best Practices for Data Security & Compliance

    With the emergence of new G Suite security features, regulations like GDPR, and other privacy concerns, many customers have refocused their 2018 security priorities on G Suite data protection.   […]Read More »
  • Best Kept Secrets of Change Management: Investing in Training

    Training, as you probably know already, is a big deal! So big, in fact, we’ve split it into two separate blog posts, catch our last post on “sticky” learning plans […]Read More »
  • Debunking the 5 Most Common Chromebook Myths

    Egan Company, a manufacturing, and construction company in Minnesota “couldn’t be happier” with their 140 Chromebook rollout. They needed a solution that was easy to roll out, durable, secure, and […]Read More »
  • Best Kept Secrets of Change Management: Designing “Sticky” Learning Plans

    You’ve got a new technology that you know will be fantastic for your organization. Now the hard work begins. You have to get your users to actually adopt the new […]Read More »
  • Work Hard, Bike Harder

    You know what they say: work hard, bike harder! At Skykit (and our parent company – Agosto) we wear our Minneapolis-pride on our sleeves (and our cycling kits) with our […]Read More »
  • Best Kept Secrets of Change Management: Internal Project Marketing

    What comes to mind when you think of internal marketing for a change project? It may be a simple answer for you, or something that doesn’t change much from customer […]Read More »
  • Best Kept Secrets of Change Management: Define User Groups, AKA Seeing the Forest AND the Trees

    By Nick Bathke You’ve successfully created your Circle of Trust and you’ve navigated the dangerous waters of Executive Sponsorship, so what’s next? Let’s talk User Groups. You can go into […]Read More »
  • Best Kept Secrets of Change Management: How to Avoid the Loch Ness Monster of Executive Sponsorship

    By Sarah Gasparick Chances are that you’ve heard it before: you need to get Executive Sponsorship secured with a project early on to help it succeed. It’s good advice. In […]Read More »
  • Best Kept Secrets of Change Management: Build “Circles of Trust”

    By Sarah Gasparick It’s easy to explain the value of some of the classic aspects of change management – like providing timely learning opportunities for end users, or making sure […]Read More »
  • Out with the old, in with the new: Upgrading from Google Drive Sync to Google File Stream

    For those who haven’t heard, Google has rung the death bell for the Google Drive Desktop client. AKA Google Drive File Sync. Support for Drive Sync already ended back in […]Read More »
  • The Key to Supporting Better Video Conferencing

    As the workforce becomes more dispersed, with more employees working remotely or across different locations, video conferencing is becoming a standard practice for many businesses looking to improve productivity and engagement among their employeRead More »
  • How Scheels Uses Chrome to Help its Sales Associates Better Serve Customers

    Note: This post was originally published on Google’s blog, The Keyword. Scheels partnered with Agosto to support their Chrome needs.  Today’s post is from Becky Torkelson, Computer Support Specialist Leader […]Read More »
  • Level Up Your Migration to G Suite with Transformation Labs

    When employees are given a platform to innovate and test new ideas, impactful change can happen fast. That’s why here at Agosto, we fully believe in the power of the Transformation […]Read More »
  • Elastifile: Taming Cloud FOMO and Paving the Way to True Hybrid IT

    Don’t have a clear cloud strategy, but recognize that you need one? Afraid of missing out and being left behind? You’re going to want to watch the recap of our latest webinar.Read More »
  • 3 Steps to Prep Your Users for the Google Calendar Update

    Exciting updates are coming to Google Calendar (and we’re not just saying that because we’re Google nerds)! Between now and February 28th, Google is rolling out changes to the Google Calendar layout that include some cool features that will make managing your time easier:Read More »
  • Google Docs Phishing: How To Quarantine And Recover

    On 5/3/2017 a sophisticated widespread, self propagating attack was targeted at Gmail & G Suite users. This attack encourages users to click on a “Open In Docs” button which then uses your existing login session to authenticate the attacker (without requiring the user to enter their credentials).Here's how your businesses can quarantine the phishing scam and recover. Read More »
  • When We Met With Sundar Pichai

    We had the privilege of briefly meeting with Pichai during I/O and discussing the product roadmap with him. With their recent enterprise rebrand, it got us thinking about that conversation with him last year.Read More »
  • Google Cloud and G Suite: Keeping Track of the Rebrand

    Google announced big news today: Google for Work is now called Google Cloud, and Google Apps for Work is now called G Suite. And it’s more than a name change.G Suite not only speaks to the ecosystem of apps they’ve built and are continuing to improve upon, but they’ve announced the deeper integration with machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your team’s efficiency and decrease the amount of time you jump between emails, meetings, and video calls so that you can focus on the important things at work.Read More »
  • Google Enterprise 2.0

    Google is the world's biggest cloud provider.They have 7 products with 1 billion+ users (YouTube, Android, Gmail, Google Play, Search, Maps, and Chrome). Google spends $10B every year on infrastructure alone. Yet with all this capability, why do Fortune 500 customers continue to run their own data centers or go to online retailers (Amazon) infrastructure?  Simply stated, Google has done a terrible job of explaining their capabilities to the market. Read More »
  • Differences Between Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint

    Slideshow presentations are always great ways to show information at your own pace, and unlike paper demonstrations, they transport very easily and can be shared with others easily too. When you’re making presentations, however, be sure you’re using the best application for the job at hand. Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint both can solve the issue… but which one is best for the job, and if you’re making the transition to Google Apps for Work, you need to know what those key differences are. Read More »
  • The Differences Between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

    The function of spreadsheets is to make businesses’ processes run smoothly with little effort from the user. Many businesses have relied on Microsoft Excel as their go-to application for spreadsheets. Though it’s not intuitive, it was, for a time, the best the market offered. However, Google’s innovative spreadsheet software gives companies an option when it comes to figuring out budgets, client contacts, and more.Switching to Google Sheets gives you access to a whole family of innovative software and features that you can’t find anywhere else.Read More »
  • The Differences between Google Docs and Microsoft Word

    Current best business practices across the globe are using the reliability of document sharing. Digital files have essentially replaced paper versions of documents in most aspects of business and our personal lives.Having said that, people may be under the impression that their Microsoft Word software still gives them the most benefits when it comes to sharing documents. Let’s explore a few differences between these two toolsRead More »
  • What Are the Differences Between IBM Notes and Gmail?

    Are you or your business considering a switch from IBM Notes to Gmail? These two workplace managers have similarities as well as some key differences, both in terms of layout and overall user experience. Understanding these features and their many applications will help your business make an informed decision. See how a switch to Gmail will affect—and improve—your daily business tasks.Read More »
  • What Are the Differences Between Gmail and Outlook?

    Considering a switch from Microsoft Office to Google Apps for Work? Here’s a brief overview of some of the differences between Gmail and Outlook. These collaboration solutions have their differences, both in organization and overall user experience.Read More »
  • Differences Between Google Hangouts and Skype for Business

    Plenty of people have experienced the consumer version of Skype in their personal lives. Video chatting is fun, effective, and more intimate than emails or phone calls.Many businesses use these factors to their advantage as well, but they may not have access to the full potential of these applications. A switch to Google Hangouts unlocks new features while retaining a comfortable familiarity.Read More »
  • Agosto HQ, the Historic Ford Center, Wins TOBY Award

    Established by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards, is truly a distinguished award. It was developed in 1985 to honor and recognize the quality in office building operations and award excellence in office building management. Read More »
  • Will My Existing Apps Work with Google Apps for Work?

    Google Apps for Work provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions for any company. Business continuity necessitates the use of old applications and data, but in any transition, there are always employees who prefer to stick with what they know.And in some cases, it’s out of necessity.For example, some people who use Excel heavily (I’m talking like 60% of their daily tasks are in Excel-- a real spreadsheet pro) might need to continue using it to continue working the way they need to.Fortunately, when your company migrates to Google Apps for Work, the suite supports preferences for legacy applications.Read More »
  • Making the Move From Microsoft Exchange to Google for Work

    Many businesses are making the move from Microsoft Exchange to Google for Work, saying that the reason they switched was largely financial or logistical. Though potentially intimidating to consider a major company-wide migration, many are finding the transition easier than expected. Why Make the Move? There are several advantages to using Google for Work over Microsoft Exchange—beginning with price. Hosted Exchange averages $141 per user per year, while Gmail costs about $50 per user per year.  Larger companies in particular see a clear financial advantage to Google over time.  Businesses are ensured consistent upgrades and innovations from the creative team at Google. With the all-encompassing Google for Work platform integrating all of your vital apps, workspaces, and communications in one place, lower cost is just an added bonus.Read More »
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Google Partner Instead of Going Direct to Google

    In your company’s transition to Google for Work, you may wonder whether it makes sense to go through a Google partner, or go direct to Google.  What’s the difference, and what are the benefits? Google for Work provides amazing products for an all-encompassing business solution. Their product suite has many solutions from email, collaboration, word processor, video chat, storage, intranet builder… and more.  But you already know that. Think of going direct to Google as going to an auto parts store. You know your car. You know how to do the instillation yourself, and you have the time.  Going with a Google Partner is like going to a mechanic. You get services to make sure everything runs properly and you won’t stall out on the highway. Google partners provide clear and knowledgeable guidance with support from start to finish while implementing these tools for you.Read More »
  • What Happens to My Data in Google? (Pt. 3 of 3)

    When I talk to customers, we get past the security conversation pretty quickly. When I explain to them how Google does things, they have lots of independent verification, your rate, you can test Google, they buy the security very quickly.  The problem now is people worry more about what's happening to their data. Read More »
  • How Does Google Handle Cloud Security? (Pt. 2 of 3)

    We live in a mobile-first world. What have we learned from the security mishaps in the past few years?The traditional thinking of having walls around everything, putting everything on your secure network, well that doesn't work anymore.  The reason people did that is because they don't have infinite budgets, and they said, "Okay, we need to focus on security. The logical place to focus security measures on is the network."Google's philosophy is a bit different. Read More »
  • How Does Google Handle Cloud Security? (Pt. 1 of 3)

    Why should you think about moving to the cloud?And what does that mean from a security standpoint?You've probably wondered that, as many people have -- how Google actually secures their data centers, which contains your data, across any products and solutions at Google.Read More »
  • Google Chromebit: What This Means for Digital Signage

    You might have heard the good news.Google released the Chromebit. Last month Asus, their original equipment manufacturer (OEM), released what is basically a computer on a stick.Think: a Chromebox, but a little bigger than a flash drive that you can carry in your pocket and plug into any display, effectively turning it into a computer.Read More »
  • Giving Back: The Sanneh Foundation Learns Google Apps

    Agosto had the opportunity recently to give back to the community through The Sanneh Foundation, a nonprofit that helps youth development and gender equity locally in St. Paul, and in Haiti.  Read More »
  • Try Google Apps for Work Even in Your Enterprise Agreement

    Google recently announced a move to offer Google Apps for Work for free to companies currently in a competitor’s enterprise agreement. The promotion is a step to give power into the user’s hands to compare which tool works best for them.Read More »
  • 7 Quick Google Docs Tricks

    When using a tool like Google Docs, no matter how long you’ve used it, there’s always something you’ve not discovered yet, or always new features being released and improved.Of course with such an innovative company like Google, there are so many fun easter eggs in everything they develop. There are some popular ones like the konami cheat code in both Docs and Hangouts.Read More »
  • How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

    I came across an interesting example of a phishing attack. Well, I’ve actually come across quite a few attacks recently bearing striking similarities.It brought up some big security concerns. Read More »
  • HELP! Can Google Apps Work Offline?

    One of the most common questions (objections?) I hear when talking to people about Google Apps is, “Does it work offline?” If you’re a Google administrator, you might get asked this question from people in your company...Read More »
  • How to Add Additional Domains to Google Apps

    Learn how to add an additional Google Apps domain in 5 steps...Read More »
  • Chanoyu Tea Ceremony at Agosto Space

    The Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu or Chado) of Japan embodies all the artistic and cultural refinements of Japan...Read More »
  • How to Upgrade Google Apps Password Sync

    The way GAPS connects to Google Apps changed with version 1.3. All versions of GAPS prior to 1.3 will stop working on April 20th, 2015. They use the Google Apps Provisioning API, which has been deprecated. Follow these steps to upgrade. Read More »
  • The Lost World of Microsoft Collaboration

    Microsoft collaboration resembles Jurassic Park more than one might think... they're the dinosaur of the collaboration age. Read More »
  • Google Wins Lifehacker Award for Best Cloud Platform

    2014 Lifehacker awards named Google Cloud Platform the readers’ choice award for best cloud computing provider. Leading by “quite a comfortable majority of votes,” Google Cloud Platform has built an infrastructure with efficiency and scale that’s hard to beat.Read More »
  • Work Change Management with Google Apps

    If employees aren’t willing or able to use a tool after the implementation, then there is no ROI. It’s too expensive to overlook organizational readiness during a transition that affects a large number of (or all) employees.Read More »
  • 3 Collaboration Problems Every Company Faces

    Many of the same core communication and collaboration problems persist from a 15-person startup to a Fortune 100 company. Here are some of the common challenges faced by all...Read More »
  • How to Backup and Upgrade GADS

    Google Apps Directory Sync installations older than 4.0.2 will stop synchronizing to Google after March 2015. Get our step by step instructions on how to upgrade.Read More »
  • The Potential Costs of eDiscovery

    Do you know where your company’s sensitive data is when an employee leaves? The most important information is stored in emails, documents, and on mobile devices. If you don't have an eDiscovery solution in place, it can cost millions if done too late... Read More »
  • F (and not so F) AQs about Google Chrome

    Get answers to common questions like: What more is there to Chrome aside from the browser? Is a Chromebook good for an on-the-go lifestyle? Is Chrome gluten free? Chrome complies with almost every dietary restriction and is considered the most secure operating system in the world. Read More »
  • What’s the Password? It’s Time to Change it… Again

    With news of hackers releasing account information, security breaches, and leaked photos, here are a couple tips to keep your accounts secure. Many times, your account is only as secure as the password you have. Read More »
  • Google Enterprise Changes to Google for Work

    Google has just announced in a blog post that Google Enterprise will now be known as Google for Work. As a Google for Work Partner (yes, it's new for us, too) - Agosto is pretty excited about the focus indicated by this change.Read More »
  • How to Win the Operations Game (Pt. 3 of 3)

    Find the top 3 rules to follow when implementing a new system or process. When choosing new systems, could your choice end up hurting your company? The warning signs might be difficult to recognize. Read More »
  • Why Your Company Isn’t Being Efficient (Pt. 2 of 3)

    Organizations get used to working a certain way, using specific applications or systems. And oftentimes, changing and adapting internal workflows can be overlooked because every workflow is so normal and accepted... and it is slowly killing your company’s efficiency.Read More »
  • The Future of Yesterday’s Past

    Artificial intelligence breakthroughs are closer than you think, according to tech pioneer Ray Kurzweil. Agosto’s CEO, Irfan Khan met Kurzweil at Google I/O recently. Khan shared how exciting it is to be able to work so closely with a company that boasts the greatest innovative minds of our time.Read More »
  • Innovation is Meaningless (Pt. 1 of 3)

    Organizations that build a culture of innovation reap benefits in employee satisfaction and ROI, but the potential risks of innovation can bog down or paralyze a potential success.Read More »
  • Anti-Spam Law

    Many organizations have been scrambling last-minute to come up with new lead generation, sales, and marketing strategies for Canada. If you’re not familiar, Canada has recently enacted nationwide legislation prohibiting any unsolicited contact via electronic communications. It has been in the works since 2011, but came into effect today.Read More »
  • How to Recruit Like A Boss

    Human Resources is evolving, just like the technology it uses and the people it is hiring. HR professionals’ roles are evolving to include more coaching and motivating to better facilitate efficiency and loyalty across the company. There are a few ways HR can improve relevance to evolve with the workforce... Read More »
  • Visualizing Success as a Google Enterprise Global Partner of the Year

    Last week in San Francisco at the 2014 Google Enterprise Global Partner Summit, Agosto was named Google Enterprise Global Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform.Read More »
  • Giving Back through Habitat for Humanity and Agosto

    Hear from Kaj Moenck who just returned from his fourth and latest trip to El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity. Not everyone has had the same opportunities in life and I feel it's important to give back something to the global community, whether it is local or abroad.Read More »
  • Agosto Sponsors, Presents Keynote at Google DevFest

    Today in Minneapolis, Agosto sponsored the Google DevFest, a one day conference with speakers from Google and the developer community. The day is divided into 50 minute sessions led by either a single speaker or with a workshop format.Read More »
  • Leadership Changes at Agosto to Support Growth

    To continue to grow the company into the future, Agosto has split the company's top responsibilities into separate roles by naming a president and a chief executive officer. We have also named a new chief technology officer.Read More »
  • Premier Utility Services Improves IT Data Delivery with Google Apps

    “Premier’s former Exchange environment had so many outages, we had to do something,” said Cradit. “We were at risk of losing our ability to provide top-level service to clients. I was actually skeptical but our move to Google Apps went really well with Agosto’s help.”Read More »
  • Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. Drives Success with Google Apps

    "As a transportation company approaching our 100 year anniversary, it’s great to be able to say that team collaboration is up, IT costs are down and we’re working more efficiently and effectively.”Read More »
  • Life After Outlook: How Change Management Impacts Google Apps Adoption

    Migrating to a new email and collaboration system is a major undertaking for any organization. Those organizations running Microsoft Outlook and looking to migrate to Google Apps will need to plan for resistance from some users.Read More »
  • Corel Strengthens Global Business with Migration to Google

    See how Corel, a software giant, went Google. "Agosto was instrumental in holding our hands throughout the implementation, which we rolled out in a phased approach to our IT team and finally to the larger organization."Read More »
  • Google Apps: Uniting Senior Management and IT Teams

    Changing email platforms and moving collaboration systems to the cloud can actually unite a company's C-Suite and its IT department. Read More »
  • Google Apps Vault New Feature: Preserve Specific Messages

    Google Apps Vault, which is sold as an add-on for Google Apps, allows companies to retain, archive, search, and export email for compliance and electronic discovery (eDiscovery). Read More »
  • New Google Apps Sign In Page Roll Out Begins Today

    There’s a new Google Apps sign in page for customers using Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government. Google announced the change in November, and Agosto has been sending notices […]Read More »
  • Google Tools for the Transportation Industry – A Webinar

    In a few days, Agosto will co-host with Google an intimate conversation with the leadership team from Arrow Transportation Systems Inc., a 96-year old trucking and transportation company. This will […]Read More »
  • Tough Mudder Teamwork: An Analogy for Agosto Overall

    (Our guest blogger is Agosto CEO, Aric Bandy) Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” This last Saturday, Team Agosto (our […]Read More »
  • Agosto Invests in Best Practices for Cloud Information Protection

    Agosto has good news to share! CloudLock, the leading provider of information security applications for enterprises using the cloud, has recently certified a number of Agosto employees through the CloudLock […]Read More »
  • Agosto Co-Founder and Director of Development Race Leadville in Google Gear

    Today’s guest bloggers are on Agosto’s management team: Irfan Khan is one of the company’s founders and our CTO. He and Agosto’s director of development, Paul Lundberg, recently completed the […]Read More »
  • Google Chromebooks: A Possible Love Story

    One of our contractors recently got so fed up with her old Dell PC that she forced herself to make a change. This is her story, which we thought we’d […]Read More »
  • Google Enterprise Blog: Dunn Bros. Coffee Grows with Google Apps

    Agosto client Dunn Bros. Coffee was recently featured on the Google Enterprise Blog for their use of Google Apps. We’re excited for Dunn Bros., a great client, a wonderful company and the best, […]Read More »
  • Manufacturer Superior Industries Has Gone Google with Help from Agosto

    Agosto has a new video customer success story about their transition to Google Apps. The story is live today on our site, showcasing the positive experience of one of our clients […]Read More »
  • Cloud Computing to help Manufacturing

    There’s a great article out today by Louis Columbus on Forbes called, “10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing.” The author touches on how cloud computing, often at the enterprise […]Read More »
  • Announcement by Google: Google Drive Improvements

    Google is improving the Drive experience with cleaner, simpler file access. Users will be able to swipe between files to see large previews for quick review. The Drive app for Android is […]Read More »
  • Google Apps Manufacturing Case Study: Superior Industries

    About Superior Industries Superior Industries is a manufacturing company located in Morris, MN, with eight divisions located throughout the United States and with international distribution of its products. Superior’s divisions […]Read More »
  • An Agosto Summer Intern Reflects on Her First IT Work Experience

    During the summer of 2012, Agosto hosted six STEP-UP Achieve Minneapolis interns, and recently one of them submitted an essay about her experiences. Hafsa’s essay was the grand prize runner up from all […]Read More »
  • Agosto Partners with BetterCloud, Improves Google Apps Management for Clients

    Looking to streamline your day-to-day Google Apps management experience and take advantage of some previously API-only features? Check out FlashPanel, available now free for our clients from Agosto via our […]Read More »
  • Agosto and Axcient Partner to Provide Managed Business Continuity

    Agosto, a top Twin Cities managed services provider, has selected Axcient as our backup and disaster recovery partner. With industry-leading IT solutions, together Agosto and Axcient provide best-in-class Managed Business Continuity […]Read More »
  • New case study: Madison-Kipp Corporation Goes Google

    Madison-Kipp Corporation goes Google and is pleased with the results. Madison-Kipp Corporation (MKC) is a producer of precision machined components and system subassemblies for transportation and industrial end markets. After […]Read More »
  • New Google Chromebook Available for $249 via Pre-Order from Agosto

    Google’s Chrome Blog just announced a new Samsung Chromebook for just $249, giving Agosto’s education and enterprise customers an even more affordable way to bring the the web’s vast educational resources and […]Read More »
  • Agosto Engineer’s Knowledge Busts Airline Baggage Theft

    When Agosto’s own Certified Google Apps Deployment Specialist and Sales Engineer, Sameer Sitaram, was traveling recently for business, he had no idea he’d find himself in the midst of a major airline […]Read More »
  • Why Do I Need Change Management?

    Change management is among the many solutions Agosto offers. But what exactly is it and do you need it? Call it user management, product adoption, education, training – by any […]Read More »
  • Agosto Chosen as 2012 Tekne Award Finalist

    The Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) has just announced 44 finalists for the 2012 Tekne Awards, chosen by independent judging panels. Finalists are named across fifteen categories that recognize the best […]Read More »
  • Three Agosto Clients Honored as Top Twin Cities CIOs for 2012

    Congratulations to all of the Agosto clients included in the 2012 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Chief Information Officers of the Year. 11 Twin Cities CIOs were honored at a special awards […]Read More »
  • Agosto Co-Hosting Going Google Roadshows in Calgary, Minneapolis

    Agosto was recently chosen from Google’s short list of Google Apps Premier Enterprise Partners to host several upcoming Google ‘Atmosphere on Tour’ style events, now called ‘Going Google Roadshows’, in […]Read More »
  • Prepare Like Lance is Coming – Agosto’s Co-Founder Shares Advice

    Agosto co-founder Irfan Khan is racing today in the Leadville Trail 100, a grueling mountain bike race, all above 10,000 feet, across the high-altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. […]Read More »
  • Brake Supply to save $1Million with Agosto and Google Apps

    At Agosto, we’re fortunate to be in the business of helping our customers to solve business issues. Sometimes those efforts lead to really exciting stories with very positive outcomes. One […]Read More »
  • Agosto Now Google Cloud Platform Services Partner

    Agosto is announcing today that we have joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Services Partner. By providing Google Cloud services and solutions including Google App Engine development, […]Read More »
  • Agosto Sponsors Lifetime Fitness Lutsen 99er with Race Videos in the Cloud

    Agosto was a proud technology sponsor of this year’s Lifetime Fitness Lutsen 99er bike race, providing a cloud-based video delivery system for participants. Taking place in Duluth, Minnesota, the Lutsen 99er course […]Read More »
  • Google, Agosto and Okta Host Top Minnesota Companies for Twins vs. Cubs Win

    This past Friday night, Agosto, a Google Apps Premier Enterprise Reseller, and its partners at Google and Okta (a company that enables single sign on or SSO) hosted 20 VIP […]Read More »
  • Google Takeout: It’s Deliciously Simple to Get Your Data Out of Google

    Have you ever wondered how to, or even if you could, get your data out of Google’s services? Yes you can and here’s how. Though we won’t name names, there […]Read More »
  • Microsoft Exchange vs. Google Apps: Installation Showdown

    One of Agosto’s sales engineers just created a demonstration lab to be able to show on-premise tools for legacy systems. His goal was to be able to show the difference, […]Read More »
  • Agosto and Google Ready for Business in Canada

    After a lot of planning, scouting and strategy meetings it’s official: Agosto has opened its Toronto office and the company is the first Google Apps Premier Enterprise and SMB Reseller […]Read More »
  • Agosto Marks Milestone in Google Apps Partner Ecosystem

    Today marks a milestone in Agosto’s continued growth in the Google Apps partner ecosystem. In 2007 we became a Google Apps partner, in 2009 we became a Google Apps Authorized […]Read More »
  • Innovation Doesn’t Occur in a Vacuum: Atmosphere 2011 Recap

    At Google’s 2011 Atmosphere conference Google attempted to answer one question; what does it really take to be innovative? In front of 350 Fortune 500 CIO’s, speakers used example after […]Read More »