Today’s guest bloggers are on Agosto’s management team: Irfan Khan is one of the company’s founders and our CTO. He and Agosto’s director of development, Paul Lundberg, recently completed the Leadville 100 bike race and shared their thoughts.

“Agosto has a quite a few cyclists on our team. Some us do short races and some of us do the longer stuff, where I happen to focus. I like the chess game you need to play to keep yourself together for nine to twelve hours.

In 2009, I caught the Leadville bug watching Lance Armstrong do the epic 100 mile race. The following year, I entered the race lottery and was admitted onto the list for 2010. Paul Lundberg joined Agosto around that time and came with me to Colorado in 2011, when I participated in the race again, and was a part of my race support crew. After experiencing my exhilaration, he committed to do the ride himself. We rode together for the next 2 years in preparation. I had the honor of training with Paul and working together toward accomplishing another finish. You learn a lot about someone in situations like this, and Paul is somebody that sets his mind to a project and just gets it done. Congrats Paul, on successfully completing your first Leadville! I’m looking forward to our next mission.

“We both wore our Google gear and got a lot of ‘go Google!’ comments, which was fun.”
– Irfan Khan

“I remember the day in the spring of 2010 when Irfan told me he had been accepted into the Leadville 100 race, the 100 mile race of all races in endurance mountain biking. I’d never ridden a mountain bike, much less at high mountain altitude. I had finished a few 100 mile road biking events in the flatlands of Minnesota, so when I watched how hard Irfan trained the first year and I was really proud of him when he finished and earned his first Leadville buckle. The next year, I watched Irfan as a member of his crew as he earned his second finish.

That year, the week after returning from Leadville, I bought a mountain bike. In 2012, I started riding and signed up for the Leadville training camp, my first mountain riding at high altitude. A few months later, I put my name in the race lottery and got my entrance for 2013. On August 10, 2013, I finished the Leadville 100 Race in 10 hours 23 minutes, and got my first buckle. Irfan earned his 4th award with a personal best of 10 hours flat.”
– Paul Lundberg