Today’s workforce is mobile, and flexibility is key. Tools that support your employees when they’re traveling, telecommuting or simply being human – read forgetful or accident-prone – are essential to business success. That’s where Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise comes in.

Sure, you have an IT team, but how productive are they (and your workers) when IT is helping an employee commission a replacement laptop? Requisitioning a loaner device and re-imaging the device for the user takes up valuable time. Meanwhile, your employee is likely sitting idly by, waiting for a replacement.

Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise is a self-service solution that effectively addresses these issues. There’s no need to wait for IT or monopolize their valuable time with a process that your employees can take on easily. Laptop re-set or re-configuration is unnecessary. Instead, your workers can just grab a Chromebook and get right back to work.

Cloud-based data makes this process seamless, and Chrome Sync allows users to easily transfer passwords, bookmarks, extensions and history with no extended re-set process. All your workers need to do is sign in and everything they need is right there on the Grab and Go Chromebook. Problem solved.

How Grab and Go Helps Workers

Technology is wonderful . . . until it isn’t. The problem is, you’ve come to rely on access to work via your laptop. When it fails, things go left, quickly. Lost, broken, damaged and stolen laptops can bring productivity to a halt. Grab and Go helps mitigate these challenges.

Loaner chromebooks are also an asset to employees visiting remote office locations by reducing the downtime that typically occurs when employees lose access to their work laptop. And for those of you who still worry about Chromebook security, management, offline usability and other debunked myths, here are the facts.

Relying on Experienced Pros to Maximize the Benefits of Chrome Grab and Go

Agosto is one of only a handful of partners in North America working with Google for full service deployment of the Chrome Grab and Go Program. Our experienced and knowledgeable Google Premier Partner team will assist with everything you need to set up this essential program.

Setup – We’ll help you with the setup of the racks and devices needed, and other hardware necessities.

Deployment – We’re well-versed in maintenance and customization of the loaner management app.

Management – Our services include inventory management, oversight and reconciliation.

Support – When you have problems, we’re here to solve them.

Are you ready to move forward with Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise? We’d love to help you. Reach out with any questions you may have.