There’s a great article out today by Louis Columbus on Forbes called, “10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing.” The author touches on how cloud computing, often at the enterprise level, is helping manufacturers to streamline processes and work more effectively.

This is then helping them to get back to the business of innovation.

Which is then leading them to bring more new products to market, with higher sales.

Agosto has heard similar stories from our manufacturing clients like Superior Industries. The company is using Google Apps to help its employees across the U.S. to collaborate on the same documents at the same time. Others, like Egan Company are using both Google Apps and Google Chromebooks to enable both factory line and field construction workers to efficiently view, share, edit and communicate.

In all cases, Agosto manufacturing clients are also saving on their IT costs. Madison-Kipp Corporation also touts the savings and ease-of-use of Google Apps over its former, more complex systems.

As a Google Apps Premier Enterprise partner, Agosto can help manufacturers who are looking at how to improve their productivity, reduce costs and better collaborate across their business, no matter how many locations or employees they might have. To learn more, contact

You can also view the original Forbes article here, while it’s live on their site.