How do G-Suite’s Enterprise Collaboration & Productivity Apps help your team make it smarter?

How can G Suite collaboration and productivity apps help teams work smarter? This episode of CloudUp, covers the power of formulas in Google sheets and how G Suite can automatically use the right formulas to take care of tasks for you.

Meet the Speakers

Nick Bathke

Change Manager PROSCI Certified

Mark Erlandson

Senior Director of Collaboration Services


– I feel smarter knowing the formulas, but I also feel dumber for using them.

– Yeah I feel not dumb for not knowing them, but I always felt like I was lacking until I discovered Sheets Explore.

– Today we are gonna be talking about G suite Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity Apps, and how they can make us work smarter.

– So, Nick

– Yeah, Mark,

– I would like to work smarter.

– Okay cool I got a lot of suggestions for you.

– Specifically, I would like to work smarter in G suite.

– Oh okay well that makes it a little more complicated, but I do have one thing. ‘Cause I mean, you are the sheets expert, right? You have this nickname in our department people call you sheets. I think you kinda like it. I don’t like sheets if I’m being frank with you, but there’s one thing it cheats–

– Oh I used to like you

– There’s one thing

– No I don’t know

– That’s fair that’s fair. There’s one thing in sheets that I think, I do like, because it actually does the work for me. So you always talk about formulas you’re like, “Oh, it’s an easy formula just do” what’s your favorite H lookup I think? V look up I can never remember. Yeah so right, exactly. So–

– It’s B-used I don’t know anything. So this proves my point I don’t know anything about sheets, but you’re always talking to me about formulas. I think instead of just doing formulas, what if I just let Google G suite and the sheets do the work for me? And if you’re wondering, what the heck am I talking about? Let me just see if I can show you. So in my drive right, I have this data set, in my former life, maybe I had you know, I was administering tests to students. So I’m just gonna open up this sheet that I have here. Maybe I should have had it open already and you can see it here, I’m just tracking some students’ grades. Got Jim, and Shelley, and Peggy on and on. So normally I think in the past you would say, “Oh just you want their average grade, just go down here and type in whatever formula it is.” I’m not interested in learning another language of formulas. So what I do you know, I just like highlight the entire dataset and I go down to the lower right hand corner here, Explore.

– And this will do some of that work for me. So the first thing I always do whenever I have a big data set, like this it’s huge right? I just do a quick edit of it and then I want the average grade. ‘Cause that’s my main point of being in here. I can just get it by highlighting it and then there it goes. So I don’t need to know any formulas. It’ll do that for me and then even better right, To make it look super pro,

– Oh wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

– So I’ve seen some of your spreadsheets lately.

– Yeah.

– And I’ve seen the formula.

– Oh yeah.

– And I just thought you were really smart.

– No should you look over here It does the formula for me look at that.

– It puts it in there. I don’t even need to know.

– That looks cheated,

– Well sheeted, not cheated because I think is what you’re thinking of, and looking at this it’ll do the chart for me too.

– And then I always show like when I’m training someone new, ’cause they get a little nervous. They’re like, “Oh my data set changes a lot. Okay. That’s fine. I’ll insert a new student below and this student kind of a troublemaker, doesn’t get a great grade, right? Even as I’m entering new data and it’ll still keep that formula working for me, I don’t need to adjust anything. Super cool, Sheets Explore.

– That’s pretty amazing. I do kind of feel like it’s cheating though. You don’t get that where you’ve been like wrestling with a function for like a half hour trying to get it to do its thing. And it actually finally works. And then you get to do your happy dance. Like you don’t get that with this.

– You get right to the happy dance.

– I see.

– Yeah you just skip the wrestling part, which isn’t something I’m interested in anyways. And I mean I got a backup sheeting, hashtag sheeting. I think that should blow up on Twitter. So that’s how I work. I guess, smarter I’m in G suite. Every day

– That does seem smarter. I feel smarter knowing the formulas, but I also feel dumber for using them.

– Yeah. I feel not dumb for not knowing them, but I always felt like I was lacking until I discovered Sheets Explore.

– Mind blown.

– Well thanks everybody for sticking with us through the banter. I wonder how people are using G suite themselves.

– Let us know how you’re using G suite.