Q: I already use Google Chrome as a web browser, what more is there?
A: Check out Chromebooks and Chromebox for meetings sometime. The Chrome cloud-based operating system that is installed on Chromebooks and other devices automatically updates every time there’s a new feature, so you don’t have to track or pay for any system upgrades or new licenses.

Q: Is it gluten free?
A: Uhhhh… Sure.

Q: Can I take it with me to yoga class?
A: Chrome’s operating system is cloud based, so you can access your data from anywhere and from any device.

Q: Can a Chromebook go faster than my smart car?
A: A Chromebook boots up and is ready to work in about 7 seconds. I could boot up and start editing a document before you hit 60.

Q: I don’t know if Chrome fits well with my business.
A: That’s not a question, but Chromebooks are now the top selling device for education in the U.S., and many businesses use Chrome devices as part of of their secure device strategy. 

Q: My smart car is portable. Is a Chromebook portable?
A: Why are you still comparing a laptop to a smart car? Since your car weighs more than about 2.5 pounds, a Chromebook is much more portable.

Q: I just invented a device that combines a spoon and a fork. I don’t want anyone stealing my invention.
A: You mean a spork? You didn’t invent that. And Chrome OS is considered to be the most secure operating system in the world. It has built-in virus protection and multiple layers of security. Your “invention” is safe.

Q: Why is my left eye twitching?  
A: Ummm… this isn’t the Google search bar.

Q: Okay Google, what is a turnip?
A: Stop using me like a search bar. And it’s a root vegetable.

Q: Thanks, Google.
A: Please stop. I feel used.