Contrary to what we once believed, out-of-office remote work doesn’t have to result in the loss of productivity. Google, via G Suite, can help businesses achieve great productivity. G Suite apps such as Drive, Meet, and Docs allow you to work together, even when you’re not in the same room. At Agosto, we know simple collaboration can make or break our daily work. That’s why we use G Suite to empower our teams to work together.

Improve Team Collaboration Using G Suite Drive & Docs

Our teams do a ton of our daily work inside Google Drive. Why? It’s the easiest tool for streamlining team collaboration from anywhere. In our time using Google Drive, we’ve found a few tips and tricks that help us get things done even faster.

Assigning Comments

G Suite makes it  easy to assign comments and tasks to other users and team members inside documents, spreadsheets, and more. Our company uses this function to help alert teams and team members when something requires their attention. When you assign a comment to someone else, they’ll instantly receive an email so they can review and take the action required.

Live Chat

When working inside a file in Drive, you can also chat with others using the file. This G Suite feature makes user collaboration on one document extremely simple. You’ll find the chat function in the top right corner of your Google document. With Google live chat, you can ask questions, get clarification, share an encouraging emoji and more.

Follow-Up Search

Google Drive’s filtering features make it simple to find any document or file regardless of its location. Teams can also locate tasks assigned to them by selecting the “Follow-Up” filter in the search box inside Drive. This G Suite feature is helpful when working with a vast number of documents or files that require attention.

These tips are only scratching the surface of G Suite’s capabilities. G Suite includes many additional cloud-based tools such as Gmail, Slides, Forms, Jamboard and more, complete with the security you can trust. G Suite is indeed what’s right for you.

Start Working Smarter, Faster & Together With G Suite Apps

Help your teams can work smarter, faster, and together using G Suite. Agosto, a Pythian Company can help you get started. To learn more about G Suite or to learn how you can get G Suite Essentials for free, give us a call at 612-430-6316 or send us a message.