Changing email platforms and moving collaboration systems to the cloud can actually unite a company’s C-Suite and its IT department. At Agosto, we hear often that both IT management and the folks in the boardroom are pleased after going Google. However, to get there takes planning, change management and, of course, time.

Though the evaluation process and cultural shift from an on-premises email server and document collaboration system can be a little painful, the end of the rainbow is in reach and can hold a pot of gold (in cost savings). We hear this a lot from our clients: Google Apps saves on IT costs, and improves collaboration and productivity.That certainly makes everyone happy- from the CFO to the CIO to the IT Director.

Having a solid change management plan to make the transition is part of what Agosto provides. This might include on-site or virtual, instructor-led training. We also work to stay in touch with our clients post-deployment, offering support and a continuous success strategy for the duration of their Google engagement. That way, if there are bumps in the road or challenges on the horizon, we can help find a way to make things smooth again.

When a company makes the transition to Google Apps, the actual move is often termed a “non-event” by our clients. We’ve had many people tell us that there is a brief spike in support calls the first day, or maybe even through the first month. But then the calls drop off significantly and positive feedback picks up. Teams start collaborating in ways that they never have before. But again, it takes time.

Also, with Google Apps, there’s very little downtime. In fact, Google Apps Gmail includes a 99% uptime guarantee SLA, 24/7 phone support for “unavailable service” emergencies, as well as email and self-service support. When something goes “down”, which is rare, it’s Google’s job to fix it. That means IT teams can more strategically schedule team resources, saving their companies even more.

So if you’re an IT leader being asked by your C-Level supervisor to help move your company to the cloud, or if you’re the CIO preparing for the battle with your IT team about going Google, take heart that the end results for most of our clients have been, to quote one of them, “overwhelmingly positive.”

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