The news today from Google about the expansion of Google Apps Vault capabilities is sure to excite Vault administrators!

To date, admins can place a litigation / legal hold an entire Google Apps Vault user account to preserve all that user’s messages. Over the next few days Google will release a new feature that will enable Vault admins to place a legal hold on specific messages, too.

Google Apps Vault, which is sold as an add-on for Google Apps, allows companies to retain, archive, search, and export email for compliance and electronic discovery (eDiscovery). Today, administrators are already able to search their domain’s email data based on specific criteria like sent dates, terms (words) or users. As mentioned, they can place specific user accounts on litigation hold to preserve a specific user’s email data. They can also manage related searches and their litigation holds within a single “container,” called a “matter,” so that matters can be shared with and among authorized users. Search results can be exported in standard file formats, and search queries can be saved. Admins can also set email retention policies for their domain.

With this news, starting within the next few days, admins will get to place legal holds on specific messages, either by date or by filtering certain terms (words), for indefinite preservation in Vault. Editions included are Google Apps for Business, Education and Government.

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