I&O’s make increasing the use of cloud a priority

A recent Forrester study found that 25% of business decision-makers and 42% of technology decision makers are aiming to increase the use of cloud in the next year. Many business leaders have found that utilizing the cloud increases revenue and provides an exciting customer experience. With this in mind, incorporating a comprehensive cloud strategy successfully is becoming a priority in order to maximize this opportunity.

A holistic cloud strategy includes multiple stakeholders, specifically business leaders, development and technology teams. When priorities are aligned across stakeholders, it’s much easier to get cloud-based projects approved, funded and successfully launched.

Although everyone’s end goal is to see the company thrive and grow, it’s crucial for I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) leaders to understand the needs of each stakeholder to fully realize what a comprehensive cloud strategic plan looks like for the business.

The needs of business leaders

Business leaders desire cloud software that helps them win, serve and retain customers; therefore, including feature-rich and innovative SaaS into the strategic plan is essential.

Keep in mind, business leaders are going to expect you to address business SaaS buyer needs and concerns in your cloud strategy, which may include:

  • SaaS complement and replacement plan for critical business functions.
  • Document plans for SaaS security, privacy, compliance, integration, and cost control.
  • Prioritize extensible SaaS solutions that include customization tools.

The needs of developers

Developers desire cloud platforms to build and deliver compelling software faster. As today’s customers are becoming more demanding and tech-savvy, companies are expected to be forward-thinking and keep up with customer expectations. In the next two years, migration of legacy enterprise apps to cloud platforms, new microservices-based app designs, and container technologies will create further disruption and fuel innovation.

Your cloud platform strategy for developers must recognize that:

  • You must satisfy both digital native and digital transformation developer types.
  • Developers prioritize cost, simplicity, and self-service when choosing cloud platforms.

The needs of tech leaders

Tech leaders desire cloud platforms that enable greater infrastructure agility. For I&O pros, there is a lot on your plate as the business is looking at you to make decisions that will ultimately serve the company in many capacities. The business is depending on you to create a cloud management plan.

To get business buy-in for your cloud infrastructure and management plan:

  • Understand how the business wants I&O to make cloud easier.
  • Take charge of the public versus private cloud debate.

Ultimately, putting together a cloud transformation strategy involves answering the question: “Where are we going?” Once that goal is defined, you need to structure your plan to address the wants, needs, and concerns of the business, developers, and technology leaders in your organization.

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