When employees are given a platform to innovate and test new ideas, impactful change can happen fast. That’s why here at Agosto, we fully believe in the power of the Transformation Lab to kick start meaningful change and get your company on track for exciting improvements in 2018. Interested in what that could mean for your organization? Read on to find out more!

The Basics: What is a Transformation Lab?

A Transformation Lab inspires users to innovate day-to-day business processes that may not have changed in years. We’ve learned over the last, nearly two decades that deploying G Suite is not just an IT project, but a human-centered project. With that in mind, we’ve found that the migration process needs to inspire people to accept, embrace, and take ownership over their new collaboration tools. The Transformation Lab is one key component to that goal!

Successful transformation requires more than just traditional change management. Users need to be empowered through the promotion of a collaborative culture and redesigned business processes. Agosto focuses on transformation at the intersection of your organization’s Technology (IT), People (users & culture) and Process (business processes and procedures).

Our Transformation Lab is a four-hour, Agosto-led event that allows your hand-selected team members to take ideas 

for improvements and turn them into real-world solutions. Agosto’s Change Manager will start by inspiring your team with real solutions to business process problems leveraging G Suite. Then, we will guide your team to identify opportunities to innovate business processes and workflows they deal with every day. Once your team has explored these ideas, they are directed to prototype actual, tangible solutions for one or two of their favorites. At the close of the lab, teams will walk away with actionable plans for their projects, and you will have a roadmap of potential initiatives for long-term innovation that your employees are invested in completing.

The Why Behind Transformation Labs

Opportunity & Impact

Transformation Labs are an opportunity to help your users imagine new and innovative ways to grow your business through Google tools you’ve already made a significant investment in. Successful Agosto G Suite customers are those who’ve embraced more than just Gmail and Google Calendar and sought true transformation by rethinking the way they collaborate and do business from a process level.

Customers that transform their company culture to continue to innovate on processes often see more competitive prices, lower cost, better operational controls, less risk, customer growth, and improved employee satisfaction.


Moving to Google and the cloud opens up many opportunities to rethink the way things have been done in the past. Taking the opportunity to look at processes across the organization and re-engineering them to take advantage of your new real-time collaborative cloud capabilities often produces massive productivity gains, freeing up huge numbers of hours each week that can be reapplied back to the business!

User Satisfaction  

Employee satisfaction rises when employees feel like they have the right tools to do their jobs and then feel more productive with their daily tasks.

During the initial deployment of G Suite, users may have been trained on features and functionality.  Transformation Labs take this one step further by helping users actually apply these new tools to the work they do every day. It’s a more proactive approach to G Suite implementation that drives greater adoption for the tools IT has rolled out, and greater satisfaction among users who understand and appreciate the attention paid to optimizing their day-to-day workflows.

Interested in learning more?

This year due to popular demand, Agosto is expanding our Transformation Lab offerings, including a brand-new virtual option, an onsite option, and an onsite option with follow-up hours from our technical resources to help implement the projects your users created.

Not sure which option is right for you? As your G Suite partner, we will work with your team to make sure the Transformation Lab that you choose is the best option for your needs! Reach out to Agosto here to discuss scheduling a Transformation Lab at your organization.