Agosto co-founder Irfan Khan is racing today in the Leadville Trail 100, a grueling mountain bike race, all above 10,000 feet, across the high-altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. Part of the Lifetime Fitness Leadville Race Series, the race is for the most determined athletes. Starting at 10,152 feet and climbing to 12,424 feet, it is safe to say those of us seated inside our air conditioned homes and offices securely at right around sea level have little idea what kind of endurance the race takes. Agosto is sponsoring the race day videos that enable participants to see video clips of their progress at key points along the race. On a recent visit to Colorado, training for the race, Irfan and Agosto’s Director of Development, Paul Lundberg, caught up with Postini and Authentic8 founder Scott Petry and six-time Leadville 100 winner Dave Wiens.

Irfan asked Dave what it was like to race against Lance Armstrong, whom Dave beat in one of his Leadville 100 victories. Dave shared some insight into what it takes to win on and off the course. He didn’t know until about 10 days before the race that Lance was going to be there. His mechanic happened to talk to Lance’s mechanic, who let on that Lance would be doing the race. Once Dave found out, he knew his preparation was either going to beat Lance or it wasn’t, and that wasn’t good enough. He should have been preparing like Lance was coming, from the beginning.

These days, Dave and his kids have a saying around their house. He regularly asks his three boys, “How are we going to prepare?” The only answer is, “We’re going to prepare like Lance is coming.” Irfan got a great kick out of this, and the conversation led to the fact that we all need to bring our A-game to all that we do. Whether in our athletics, our work or our personal time, we should all prepare for big things to be coming our way. It’s what Lance does, it’s what the founders of Postini, Authentic8 and Agosto do and it’s good advice.

If you’d like to see them, Agosto is sponsoring RaceDay videos, filming from multiple locations capturing each cyclist from the most epic spots along the Leadville Trail 100 race course. These free videos will be provided to participants with their personalized results soon after race day. Visit to view results.