Successful DevOps practices require a combination of three critical elements: people, processes, and tools. In our recent blog post, “The Elements of Successful DevOps: People” we talked about the importance of your DevOps team. Your team should be able to collaborate to move initiatives forward by adopting an approach that’s documented, understood, audited, consistent, and scalable.

How do you do it? Implement a strategic DevOps process.

Proper DevOps Processes: Communicate to Coordinate

Proper DevOps processes combine Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with version control. This method allows members of your team to introduce changes to infrastructure by checking in code. Each code includes the time, date and changes made. As a result, the process begins to automatically audit what was done, who completed the action and when.

The infrastructure’s code is no longer controlled by a superhero. Instead, it’s held in a repository that’s easily audited and deployed by all members of your team based on role and access. This process begins to require your team to communicate to better coordinate, making the team as a whole responsible. This increases transparency and awareness.

The auditability resulting from this process also fosters psychological safety within your team. They can now focus on innovating and iterating, rather than trying to hold onto the status quo which prevents initiatives from moving forward at all.

Up Your Disaster Recovery Game With Process-Oriented DevOps

When deployments go south, it’s often difficult to isolate why and when without the proper process and tooling. With a process in place, successful DevOps allows for easy rollbacks to last known good states and complete recreation of environments for disaster recovery.

Quickly solved, failures and emergencies become learning experiences. Recovery is no longer impossible, but a controlled process.

When your resource management happens through a repository, it’s easier to track where a problem exists, when it became a problem and who entered it. With this information in hand, you can seamlessly replicate the problem, correct it and deploy it back into production.

Start Building Your Foolproof DevOps Process Using IaC

Proper DevOps built around IaC can help you develop a more secure and reliable environment. To learn more about using IaC pipelines and processes inside your DevOps, give Agosto a call at 612-430-6316 or send us a message.

To learn more about IaC, check out our whitepaper: Importance of Infrastructure as Code Pipelines in Your DevOps Practice.