As the workforce becomes more dispersed, with more employees working remotely or across different locations, video conferencing is becoming a standard practice for many businesses looking to improve productivity and engagement among their employees.

In fact today, two-thirds of business decision-makers use video conferencing at work.

Why video conferencing? In 2017, Forbes Insights surveyed over 300 executives globally and found that 62% of executives thought that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication among their employees compared to audio conferencing. Video conferences often make it easier to engage with participants because you can make (virtual) eye contact, rather than talking over the phone to disembodied voices. There’s also less likelihood of multitasking and distraction when you’re on camera. Plus, of course, there are the cost savings of not having to travel to a meeting.

But there’s one key challenge to successful video conferencing. Depending on your technology, joining video meetings can be a pretty frustrating process. Switching back and forth between screens to find your dial-ins, meeting passcodes, download software updates, not to mention the difficulty of joining a video conference from a meeting room that is set up primarily for audio conferences.

So what’s the key to simplifying this process to make sure your employees are taking full advantage of video conferencing for better meetings?

For the most part, it boils down to your conferencing technology and the in-office hardware you have to support it. As Google users, the conferencing technology is handled with Hangouts Meet – a simple tool to add and join video conference meetings fully integrated with G Suite.

When it comes to your video conferencing hardware, we’ve got some pretty exciting updates to share from Google’s Hangouts Meet Hardware packages.

Hangouts Meet Hardware are Google-built kits (a speakermic, camera, chromebox, and controller) that make joining video conferences easy and reliable. Simply invite a conference room to your meeting, and in the room you tap the controller to join the meeting. No dial-in codes, no switching inputs, just tap and join!

Depending on the size of your conference room there are three main packages most popular with our customers.

Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

The gold standard for video conference meetings, the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit includes a 4K sensor camera that automatically detects and zooms in on participants. A speakermic actively works to eliminate echoes and background noise. An ASUS Chromebox powers the kit for seamless, reliable access to Hangouts Meet and automatically updates firmware to the latest version (and can even self-diagnose any issues) so you’ve always got the most advanced technology.

Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit Large (new!) 

Google recently released a large version of the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for large conference rooms that adds a HD 1080p camera swivel camera built to capture even the largest meeting rooms and move with the current speaker, so virtual attendees can feel like they’re in the room.

Chromebox for Meetings 

For smaller conference rooms with less video and sound challenges, the Chromebox for Meetings package includes a full HD 1080p camera, a speakermic with a built-in DSP for speed clarity, a Chromebox and a remote control with a full QWERTY keypad.

Interested in learning more about how to get your conference rooms setup for simple, reliable video conferencing with Google? As a Tier 1 Premier Google Partner, we can help you get the best pricing and vet the right solution for your video conferencing needs, just contact to learn more.