CI/CD is a rapidly growing trend that’s on its way to becoming the DevOps industry standard. To get started toward CI/CD, there are several things you need in place for a smooth transition.

What Is CI/CD?

CI stands for continuous integration. The goal of CI is to develop a consistent and automated way to build and test applications. The next step is CD (continuous delivery) of the applications to the infrastructure.

Development teams using the CI/CD method can meet demand while delivering quality code and security due to automation.

Effective CI and the Ephemeral Machine

We’re no longer tied to physical machines anymore. We don’t purchase sets of hardware. Instead, we have a seemingly limitless data center inside the Cloud. Our mindset must change from having a fixed amount of compute—due to it being on-premise or prepaid—to the ephemeral compute. These computes result in massive machines working for brief amounts of time to do things faster.

Some projects require the ability to keep up with a growing set of requirements that call for more developers to build large artifacts. The best solution is developing larger, ephemeral machines for everything that doesn’t require consistent and constant compute. As a result, you can leverage the speed change without paying for hardware lying idle most of the time.

CD Depends on the Design of Your Infrastructure

In the past, CD was impossible to do inside an on-premise environment. It required you to plan for an incredibly complicated situation. Fortunately, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) simplifies this process, allowing you to stand up your infrastructure as well as applications.

Moving From CI to CD

How do you make the move from CI to CD? The old-school way is replacing code that already exists with new code no longer works in your favor. This method results in errors due to multiple people making changes to the code base without collaboration.

Network as Code

The better way is to stand up an ephemeral infrastructure—or replicate and deploy—to do traffic-shaping from the Network as Code piece. Network as Code refers to the application of IaC to the full network. Using this method, you can see if it’s working in the wild and whether or not you can handle the scale. From here, you can choose to roll it back or move forward.

Ready to Take Advantage of CI/CD Practices?

By starting with CI and adding a bit of automation over time, you can see CI/CD success. To learn more about CI/CD and how you can start transforming your current processes, call Agosto at 612-430-6316 or send us a message.