It was May, 2015 at Google I/O in San Fransisco.

We flew in from Minneapolis to see the live keynote from Sundar Pichai, who was then the Chief Product Officer (However, Larry Page appointed Pichai as CEO in October of 2015 when Alphabet was officially implemented as the parent company of the Google family).

At the time, Pichai talked a lot about introducing Machine Learning (ML) into Google’s product set. No one knew exactly what that could look like or how it would evolve.

With the recent Google for Work rebrand into Google Cloud, and the heavy focus on ML and Google Cloud Platform across the board, we’re now seeing what Pichai envisioned last year during I/O. One of the larger releases is Quick Access, which shaves 50 percent off the average time it takes to get to the right file by eliminating the need to search for it. It uses machine learning to intelligently predict the files you need before you’ve even typed anything.

From left to right: Paul Lundberg (Agosto CTO), Aric Bandy (Agosto President), Sundar Pichai (now Google CEO), Irfan Khan (Agosto CEO).

We had the privilege of briefly meeting with Pichai during I/O and discussing the product roadmap with him and his vision for ML. With their recent enterprise rebrand, it got us thinking about that conversation with him last year.

Excited to see what’s to come.