Musings from your neighborhood Change Manager

It’s never too late for a fresh start, yet no time of the year seems more appropriate to plan for renewal than the weeks leading up to the New Year. I’ve never been big on resolutions; it seems like the failure stats are stacked against that kind of method to bring about lasting change for most of us. What has made a difference for me is claiming a “word of the year.” Just one word for how I want to bring my best self forward at home, at work, and beyond.

Recently, I’ve been nerding out about what one word I would choose not only for myself, but what word I might propose for my team, or for my client projects as it relates to change. (This isn’t how you nerd out? Hey, I am a Change Manager – this is my bread and butter.)

To begin the selection process I start by allowing myself to just toss out any words that I feel could align well with 2019 goals and desired improvements. Your list might be three words or 30, but here’s a peek at mine:

  • Authenticity
  • Energy
  • Fearless
  • Gratitude
  • Vulnerability
  • Action
  • Fun
  • Harmony
  • Delight
  • Integrity

Then comes the tough part﹣allowing yourself to just sit with the possibilities for a day or two without pressuring yourself into a decision. Seriously. Don’t force it.

If you allow yourself a bit of that precious space, your gut will likely just call out the answer for you. I kept coming back to DELIGHT for my team and GRATITUDE for my client change projects. So now what?

After claiming a word for the New Year, the idea is to get a little momentum behind helping that word to manifest itself:

  • Create a visual reminder in your workspace
  • Get an accountability partner (or three) who are “in” on the plan
  • Take one concrete step this week to bring your selected word to life

For my clients in 2019 who are launching new technologies with their teams, I am going to focus on GRATITUDE:

  • How are we going to do more to recognize our help desk/service desk teams?
  • What can we do in 2019 to learn more about how our direct reports want to be recognized?
  • How can we creatively show appreciation when gifts aren’t the answer (or in the budget)?
  • Where can we invest our attention with select VIPs to build relationships and mutual appreciation before that next big project kicks off?

We’d love to hear how GRATITUDE is manifesting itself with your team in this season OR tell us about what one word might inspire your next initiative or project. Cheers!