As the clock runs out on Windows 7, the time is right for Chrome Enterprise

225 days—and the clock is ticking.

If your organization runs Windows 7, that’s the time left until January 14, 2020, when Microsoft officially ends all support for its popular operating system (OS). With more than one-third of PCs still reliant on the OS, migration is on the minds of many IT professionals.

While moving up to Windows 10 may seem the obvious remedy, maintaining a Microsoft environment is not without its pains: Costly licenses. Cumbersome configurations. An easy target for cyber threats. A focus that’s still more desktop than cloud.

These challenges explain why many middle market organizations like Schnuck’s, a leading Midwest grocer, are seizing this opportunity to switch to Google’s Chrome Enterprise.

Five reasons to replace Windows 7 with Chrome Enterprise

  • Robust security. When the clock runs out on Windows 7, Microsoft will no longer issue bug fixes or security patches, making the OS extremely vulnerable to malware and other cyber threats. But even a current version like Windows 10 requires constant security updates and additional antivirus software for adequate protection.

Chrome Enterprise, on the other hand, makes security integral at every level. Each time a user boots up a Chrome device, it automatically checks for upgrades and scans for potential infections. During usage, sandboxing and data encryption provide further safeguards. Plus, users never need costly antivirus programs, because the Chrome OS protects, contains, and repairs security threats on its own.

  • Rapid deployment. They don’t call it “migration” for nothing; upgrading your operating system is no small task, especially in a Windows environment. Chrome Enterprise, however, is uniquely engineered for speed—without sacrificing security or functionality.

As a true cloud OS, Chrome eliminates many of the complicated and time-consuming tasks that plague traditional roll-outs. From unboxing to handing the device to an employee, you can fully deploy a Chrome Enterprise device in minutes. In fact, Chrome Enterprise even offers a White Glove deployment program that allows devices to ship directly to office locations or end users. Imagine the productivity boost for IT staff and users.

The Jumpstart program from Agosto helps you plan and pilot your Chrome Enterprise implementation in a matter of weeks, rather than months. Working together, we engage your in-house teams, integrate with your current environment, build out the specific use cases, and provide training and change management. You move forward with a proven strategy that streamlines your roll-out.

  • Centralized management. Lots of users, lots of devices? No problem. With Chrome Enterprise, a single cloud management console connects you to more than 200 security and management policies. It’s everything you need to configure user policies, device access and more, for a single user, a group, or the entire company.
  • Significant cost savings. A switch from Windows 7 will likely require new hardware as well as OS licensing. Here, Chrome Enterprise delivers a healthy benefit to the bottom line, with savings in licensing, hardware, training—even employee productivity.

When Schnuck’s adopted Chrome for their frontline workers, they replaced 600 Windows desktop devices with 1,200 Chromebooks. Instead of replacing their Windows 7 hardware, they moved to Chrome, doubling their device deployment—yet still saving saved nearly $500,000 on hardware and licensing.

  • Simplicity. Today’s modern workforce loves the convenience of Chrome Enterprise with its user-friendly interface and its anywhere, any device access. Users can sign into any Chromebook or Chrome browser, and start working.

Unlike Windows, Chrome OS boots swiftly. Updates run behind the scenes. It’s engineered for productivity and collaboration, and compatible with any cloud-based or Android application. Users can also work in offline mode, or run legacy applications with a secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.

There are plenty of myths surrounding what Chrome can and can’t do. But the facts—and the satisfied customers—speak for themselves. Now is the time to see for yourself.

Explore your options. Take Chrome Enterprise for a test drive and see how it compares to Windows 7. Schedule your one-on-one consultation today.