City of Lakes Loppet Wins with Agosto’s App Development on Google Cloud Platform







What Loppet Foundation wanted
  • Automated registration and check-in

  • Low-cost solution

  • High and low website traffic accommodation

Why Loppet Foundation went Google
  • Highly scalable for high and low use time periods

  • Cost-effective cloud platform

  • Secure data transfer

  • Smooth registration and check-in process

  • Quick implementation

  • Complete software as a service solution


The City of Lakes Loppet is a winter festival that has grown into the second-largest cross country ski event in North America and the largest in Minnesota. Guided by the Loppet Foundation (City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the event includes a ski race and other outdoor activities.


For the City of Lakes Loppet ski race, participants pre-register online and then on race day, they check in at the physical race site and are given their race number bibs and timing chips. City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation challenged Agosto to help make their registration and check-in process more automated, while keeping costs down. The challenge also included the need for secure data transfer, as well as for significant spikes in traffic on and around the time of the race and for guaranteed uptime on race day.

City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation registration director Rick Budde described using a printed, paper registration list for those intending to race. “We had about 10,000 participants that had to line up alphabetically and any race day registrations or edits had to be done manually to our paper lists,” said Rick. “This meant making any last-minute changes almost impossible.”


Agosto developed a registration application system using Google App Engine, a tool on Google Cloud Platform, which allows for secure data storage, transfer and analysis. It also scales based on usage and has a 99.5% uptime SLA. It allows for decentralized data capture and real-time processing of data. Because it relies on Google’s extensive infrastructure, it also has virtually infinite scaling with global reach.

Upon registration, Agosto’s application creates a unique web link for the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation to email to each registrant, integrated with their CRM for easy email communication. Participants are able to view or edit their own personal information, and then print their registration verification, including a unique barcode. Onsite event organizers scan registrants’ barcodes, automatically checking them in and printing the race bib with their corresponding race ID number.

John Munger, Executive Director, City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation


Registration happened smoothly and the organizers say that they are more than satisfied. Rick voiced his thoughts. “We can check people in electronically now, and the check in process is much easier. We have also cut our process time, so it has been a real efficiency boost for us.”

City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation executive director John Munger also weighed in. “We went to Agosto for help in developing the application because they helped us through the transition to Google Apps, and that is working really well for us.

We knew we had a good partner for technology and knew that they could act quickly and well, and we have been really, really pleased. For me, the benchmark is that I didn’t hear anything about the registration process on race day. When you don’t hear anything as race director, you’re happy, and you know the technology is working. That’s the kind of technology that I like!”

John Munger, Executive Director, City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation

Munger closed with his overall feedback about Agosto and the application developed on Google Cloud Platform. “To be able to just kind of flip a switch with Agosto and make this work has just been fantastic for us.”

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