Hudbay Communicates Strength with Help from Agosto and Google Sites







  • An easy to use intranet site

  • Managed solution

  • Improved communication

  • Easy collaboration

  • Cost-effective

  • Flexible, easy to use, and intuitive

  • An intranet site that saves employee time

  • A Spanish intranet as well for their South America offices

  • Fast employee buy-in and positive feedback


Founded in 1927 as Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited, Hudbay is a Canadian integrated mining company with operations, development properties and exploration activities, primarily across the Americas. The company is focused on the discovery, production and marketing of base and precious metals. Hudbay is committed to producing strong investor returns and creating better futures for communities and employees by finding, building and operating successful mines.


Hudbay is a growing enterprise, which presents many good challenges. As Scott Brubacher, Hudbay Director of Corporate Communications shared with Agosto, “As a growing organization, our senior management is behind the move to grow employee communications along with the company.  They are believers and recognize the impact.”

As part of their strategy to improve internal communications, Hudbay’s management looked at the company intranet. “We knew it was was something we needed to improve,” said Scott. “We wanted something visual, flexible, and easy to use. We didn’t have a web specialist we could dedicate to the project, so one of our IT team members told us we should look at Google.”

Since Hudbay uses Google products in several areas of the company, he was familiar with working with Google Apps for Work partners, and checked out several organizations that offer Google Sites assistance. He liked the visuals that were presented by Agosto, and learned that Agosto has strong product development and creative teams, and decided to award the project to Agosto.

Scott Brubacher, Director Corporate Communications, Hudbay Minerals


Google Sites offers an economical solution, which was attractive to Scott. “I told the Agosto team that we wanted a cost-effective solution that looked good and supported flexibility, functionality, and creativity,” said Scott. “People everywhere, including those on our team, have a limited amount of time. We needed an intranet that has content that’s easy to access and to absorb. We needed a filing cabinet for different kinds of content, and a resource center that acts as a common access point for employees to get to files and information quickly.”

Agosto presented the Hudbay intranet site, which Hudbay also translates into a Spanish language site for the Hudbay teams in South America.


Scott shared his reaction to working with the Agosto team. “Agosto is a delight to work with,” said Scott. “Everyone was open about what the project would take, and I never worried about scope creep.”

Scott Brubacher, Director Corporate Communications, Hudbay Minerals

“Agosto has been supportive of the fact that no one on our team is particularly tech savvy,” said Scott. “They have helped us to create an intranet that people regard as bright, visual, and straightforward to navigate. Also, the site creates no barriers. The Spanish language translation site is great, but in analytics we see that we get as many hits to the English site as to the Spanish version, and we’re wondering if the intranet is acting as a way to boost English language learning, too.”

Scott summed up his feelings about the site, and about working with Google Sites in general. “We don’t work in Google Docs exclusively,” said Scott. “Some people on our team are using Windows, too. But once you master Google Sites, it’s really simple. There’s a simple login and intuitive tools, and the build was great. Agosto has been responsive to our requests and we’re glad we went this direction.”

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