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In today’s busy communities, public safety is everyone’s concern. It’s especially a priority for those in charge of keeping the peace and protecting citizens, their property, and our increasingly mobile lifestyle.

As population increases, public safety officers have limited budgets and human resources. In the sea of vehicles on the road today, how do you find the true offenders? Image Sensing Systems is focused on solutions for safe cities. ISS has been in business for over 30 years, and serves clients in over 65 countries worldwide. City budgets are stressed, crimes are still happening, and crimes go unsolved. Spending for new servers or a new data center is just unrealistic. Cities are very open to using data to solve crimes in new and innovative ways. We had a great idea, but we needed a partner that had enterprise development expertise, and could make it real.

Chris left me a voicemail and mentioned that he wants to talk to me about Google. I immediately assumed he wanted to talk to me about Gmail. He told me that he wants to build this fantastic product on Google Cloud Platform. We were pretty excited.

We had heard good things about Agosto, and asked them to help us architect the solution.

They needed a flexible product that they could offer to any size city without a lot of expense on infrastructure and maintenance. I told Chris that Agosto has been in business for over 13 years, and this is an ideal project for us. We have a team of dedicated developers, many of whom have been working on Fortune 50 companies, building products on Google Cloud Platform. I told Chris we can make this happen.

CitySync Safety is a product that frees our customer from having to worry about computing, storage, or networking infrastructure. We built the product on Google Cloud Platform. It’s the same infrastructure that Google uses to conduct billions of searches every day. App Engine is one of the key components of the platform, it allows us to scale from hundreds of customers to thousands without having to modify the underlying infrastructure or modify our code. Just one large customer can generate up to 30 million plate reads a day. In addition to App Engine, we use Cloud Datastore for textual information and Cloud Storage for image information. Map Reduce and Big Query are used to enable analysts to sift through large amounts of data very quickly. Compute Engine is used for specialized workloads that help us to enhance our searching capabilities. Google Maps is used for displaying location information.

So here’s how it works:

The data comes in from the devices throughout the day and are analyzed against lists and other information that we have in the system. The system triggers notifications and workflows to the control room operators who then make assignments to investigators to sort through a lot of information to get to the events and patterns in the data that they need to solve crimes. As evidence ages, the likelihood of solving a crime decreases dramatically. Our solution accelerates the ability to solve a crime through powerful analytics.

No one has to buy servers or maintain a secure data center. Google has this covered. You can a number of different mobile endpoints for both data collection and display. We’ve already built an Android application and some integration with Google Glass for CitySync Safety.

We liked working with the Agosto team because they came through with a robust solution that exceeded our expectations, they supported the entire build, and even helped us launch the product.

Together, Image Sensing Systems and Agosto built an enterprise product that will help public safety officers better protect their communities. Safer cities is what it’s all about.

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