Schnucks Implements Chrome Enterprise to Enhance Workflow & Improve Customer Service



Chrome Enterprise



Schnucks operates 112 stores, serving customers in four states: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin and employs more than 14,000 teammates.

Why Agosto

With Agosto’s guidance in 2016, Schnucks took a strategic path to Google, creating programs and opportunities that helped staff embrace G Suite with confidence and enthusiasm. The company saw many positive changes with the adoption of these collaborative tools. “Going Google” with Chrome Enterprise hardware in-store was the natural next step.

  • Schnucks team members already used and embraced G Suite. Chromebooks seamlessly integrate with G Suite, so team members can better serve customers through department apps.

  • Agosto provides proven change management services to make the changeover as painless as possible.

  • Agosto is a long-term tier 1 Google Cloud Premier Partner

“After successfully “going Google” at our corporate offices, we piloted Chromebooks in-store on a loyalty launch kiosk. Customers used Chromebooks to sign up for our newly launched loyalty program.”



What Schnucks Wanted:

  • Improved Workflow: Enable Schnucks’ frontline team members to efficiently serve in-store customers, place daily departmental orders, check email throughout the day, and participate in on-site training when required.

  • Streamlined Customer Experience: Simple self-service kiosks for customers placing deli and bakery orders.

  • Change Management: An effective plan to assist frontline employees when replacing their Windows devices with twice as many Chromebooks.

  • Affordable hardware: Hardware equipped for every location without going over their store IT budget.

  • Security: Out of the box security to protect against malware, without needing a lot of IT department intervention.

  • Simplified management and deployment process: Reduce the time required to deploy devices. Windows devices took up to three hours to provision with Schnucks’ security suite and applications.

What Schnucks Accomplished Through Agosto:

  • Replaced 600 Windows desktop devices (laptops and docking stations) with 1,200 Chromebooks, doubling the size of their device deployment while saving nearly $500k on hardware and licensing.

  • Replaced iPads with Chromebooks (Acer SPIN 11)

  • Replaced iPads with Chrome kiosks to run department apps (deli, bakery, HR)

  • Teammates gained nearly 8 hours of productivity per week

  • From unboxing to handing the devices to a teammate, Chrome devices can be deployed in under 20 minutes.

  • Better, more affordable security

“Agosto’s deployment plan helped our deployment run smoothly. Their thorough planning helped mitigate the inevitable disruption a change of this size would make.”



Device Management. Hardware Costs. Security.

Schnucks was purchasing at least six Windows desktop devices per store, spending about $1,200 per setup, and the IT department was imaging and installing Schnucks’ security suite and applications package on every device. Not only was this expensive, but it was time-consuming for the IT department to manage.

Since these Windows devices were located in the back office, department managers were spending up to eight hours a week away from customers and staff to handle administrative work such as scheduling, ordering products, checking email, etc.

Due to power restrictions, network drops, costs and space limitations, placing a Windows device in each department was not an option.


Chromebooks are a secure, inexpensive alternative to the Windows PCs Schnucks had been buying. The devices are mobile, so teammates can work right on the floor inside their departments while remaining accessible to customers. Store team members can also share between departments as needed. Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise turns the dynamic of departmental assets on its head – making the laptops company assets that belong to everyone.

Better Internal Comms & Customer Service with Chromebooks

  • Chromebooks are secure right out of the box, providing comprehensive, affordable security. There’s no need to run security software on them, since Chrome OS is natively encrypted and secured by Google.

  • Chromebooks are mobile and shareable. Departments can access them as needed, resulting in improved customer service and less time spent away from their department and customers.

  • Schnucks can double the number of devices in its stores, allowing them to further increase their productivity and realize a cost savings of over $500K.

  • The meat and produce departments were utilizing iPads to manage daily online orders. Now they’ll use Chromebooks (Acer Spin 11) as laptops or tablets, for a faster, cheaper and more functional experience.

  • Schnucks is utilizing Chromebooks for team members to sign customers up for their loyalty program.

Customer In Store Kiosks Powered by Chromeboxes

  • Chrome devices can run customer self-service kiosks, which are easier to manage and less expensive than iPads.

  • Kiosks are being implemented in the deli and bakery departments. A web app running on Chrome allows customers to place their deli order on the kiosk, continue shopping and pick up their order when notified by text.

  • The HR department can enable employment applications on a kiosk, making it easy for people to apply for a job right in the store.

  • In the future, Schnucks plans to implement digital marketing campaigns and menu boards in-store.

Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise

Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise solves the loaner laptop problem and eliminates lost productivity due to a non-functioning or lost device, or even a misplaced charger. It allows employees to “check out” a laptop for temporary use. Just log in with your credentials and it’s ready to use. IT can track the inventory by location and user automatically through the kiosk. When finished, the employee checks it back in. Previously, Schnucks would have to image a new Windows devices, which could leave the user without a computer for up to three hours. With Grab and Go, the user can simply check out a device and they are up and running.

Agosto helped Schnucks deploy Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise for a seamless rollout.


  • Huge savings on hardware costs by buying Chromebooks in bulk – a cost reduction of almost 75 percent, plus a simplified management and deployment process, saving time and money for Schnucks’ IT team.

  •  A seamless in-store rollout – Schnucks unplugged its old Windows devices and conducted single, one-on-one training sessions for department heads that took approximately 20 minutes.

  • Employees reported eight hours of increased productivity per week with Chromebooks. Teammates can now work right in their departments instead of in a back room away from customers.

  • Since Chrome devices are located in the departments, teammates can now check their email several times a day, as opposed to once a day on a device in the back room, improving internal communications.

  • Chromebooks are faster than Windows. From login screen to email compose on Windows devices take more than 6.5 minutes. Chrome devices, from power on to email compose, take 30 seconds or less.

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