Change for the Better

We tend to resist change, even when we know it’s for the right reasons, like improving our company’s business tools and processes when we “go Google.” According to John Kotter, featured on the Harvard Business Review, 70% of organizational changes fail due to inadequate change support. Therefore, projects just naturally turn out better when change is planned for and when employees are actively engaged in the change process. Agosto can help plan and implement positive change management and training for your business, to help you and your end users get started and stay on the right path to success.


Create Your Plan

Agosto’s change management professionals will work hard to correctly scope your organization’s needs, based on what has worked and what hasn’t worked for your team in the past. We’ll determine the right structure for your change plans, and tailor a strategy that will reach the maximum number of end users in a timely way.

Since change management isn’t one size fits all, we implement different strategies based on your industry, leadership, and end users. Well-informed end users will feel more confident about upcoming changes and create less resistance to the changes being made.


  • Preparing users for transition
  • Working toward a strategic goal with a manageable timeline
  • Communication of key improvements
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Less redundancy via increased collaboration


The Client’s Role

Your organization doesn’t need to have a dedicated change manager to benefit from our services. We find that the most positive results occur when the implementation/change team is working with department leaders and executive sponsors, as well as HR contacts, so that change is being managed at an organizational level.

Agosto Helps You Get to Know Google

We’ll set you up for success across the board. Agosto can guide the appropriate representatives on your team through every step of the process, throughout planning and deployment, so that they’re confident representing change within your organization. We also won’t leave you hanging after you go live with G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. We offer ongoing service for one year to provide updates, assess your end user satisfaction, and recommend appropriate future or ongoing training.