The complete list: 7 steps to protect your company data

1. Place user on litigation hold

If your company has retention policies to delete documents after a certain time period, you can easily find and freeze the employee’s data. If there’s a lawsuit, you can produce documents as evidence. An administrator can place the desired user account on hold using a simple admin console. This will prevent the data from being purged according to your company retention policy until you're ready.

2. Recover maliciously deleted mail and files

This is important for business continuity and potential legal exposure. An administrator can use the undelete feature to recover email and other files that were recently deleted using the same admin console.

3. Wipe mobile device account

Remotely wipe accounts from any mobile devices, while leaving the former employee’s personal files in tact. With the admin console, you can locate the users’ mobile device and choose to either wipe it, or simply prevent it from syncing.

4. Restrict sharing permissions

It’s crucial to be able to do this immediately to avoid vulnerabilities. Using the admin console, you can set sharing rules for the entire organization.

5. Change password to email and docs accounts

It may seem obvious, but in our experience many companies never bother to change passwords, leaving accounts exposed. This is the simplest step, but necessary. 

6. Deactivate other company-assigned accounts

Don’t forget third-party applications can hold important company data. If active, an employee could still access.

7. Delegate account access to new user and forward email to supervisor

In case the employee’s docs hold important information, they need to be accessible to someone else. Someone also needs to reply to residual email. Log into the user's account using the newly changed password and enable message forwarding and delegation to a supervisor or replacement.

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