Chrome Management Console

Managing 1 device is simple. Managing 10,000 is just as simple.

Chrome’s web-based management console makes it easy for administrators to provision, configure, and manage Chrome devices across the organization from one central location. Administrators can easily manage a single user, a group, or the entire company in minutes.


User Access

Regulate who can log into company devices. Disable guest mode, external users, or create various levels of access for guest accounts.


Black & White

Easily blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, URLs, or extensions. You can also block or allow access based on IP address. If you’d like to block a site like youtube.com, but allow a few company training videos, that’s easy to do with selective blacklisting.


Manage Devices Company-Wide

Configure a single device, a group, or devices company-wide. If the HR team has different requirements than engineering, you can easily provision and customize their devices to come pre-loaded to meet their needs, and meet compliance standards.


Customize Features

Edit user features across devices. You can make partner pages and resources easily accessible in bookmarks, or set a background theme for branding or workstation consistency.