Chrome OS



Widely considered to be the most secure operating system, Google Chrome powers some of today’s most important devices and products. It also has the most powerful, manageable, and secure browser available for companies. Chrome OS has remote access, offline capabilities, and the affinity with HTML5 and other web-based protocols.


Chrome cuts out the unneeded costs to simplify your user experience as well as the budget. With the cutting edge cloud-based OS, Chrome gets rid of regular expenses like: software upgrades, downtime, IT ops, maintenance, and training. The result? A sleek, easy to manage computer that improves over time with less IT maintenance.

Constantly improving

You may think of Chrome as a web browser. It’s also a cloud-based operating system. It powers some of today's most secure corporate and educational devices. Each time you start a Chrome device, it quickly and seamlessly grabs any system upgrades. That means you get an updated system every day.

I don’t know of any secure OS. In the past eight years, I’ve had 100% success at penetration testing on all of them. Wait, ChromeOS, ChromeOS is the most secure because of its very limited attack vector—there’s just nothing to exploit.
— Kevin Mitnick, former FBI Most Wanted Hacker