DevOps is critical for your move to the cloud.

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Everywhere you turn, proponents of cloud DevOps are making headlines. But, for every positive outcome, as many (or more) businesses struggle. Even companies born in the cloud are revisiting their initial roll-outs. Why? Legacy thinking is one of the biggest culprits. Cloud DevOps combines the power, flexibility and scale of the cloud with efficient automation and collaboration. Agosto is helping companies respond faster to business requirements and customer needs, and scale quickly while making smart use of internal resources.


Agosto’s approach to cloud DevOps involves a few important ideas:

Cloud first is the new normal
Incremental change leads to success
Infrastructure as code is at the core
Cloud DevOps increases velocity

Agosto’s Cloud DevOps benefits all sectors of the business. It:

Empowers developers to move efficiently from requirements with less stress on the organization.

Propels businesses to lead in their field with swift and timely deployments of new functionality.

Delights customers with the “on demand” capabilities and sleek experience that today’s users expect.

A different kind of DevOps

The traditional DevOps process functioned in very linear and limiting ways resulting in operational challenges. The operational mindset of traditional DevOps included planning, building, testing, and releasing.

Today, the more modern approach to DevOps is with the cloud. This approach takes those traditional concepts and turns them into a continuous cycle, which improves results, saves time, and increases the predictability of outcomes.


The importance of DevOps for your move to ‘the cloud’

DevOps can mean something different to everyone. It holds a very broad meaning today, which makes it tough to define. This episode of CloudUp covers why DevOps is critical for the move to the cloud, as well as the considerations to take while in the migration process.

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