Chromebooks for education

Agosto offers education professionals a one-stop shop for Google Chromebooks, with the ability to fulfill hardware and management console setup, so that you can focus on the things your students needs. Our experts can also help with just the management console side of the equation, setting the secure parameters across your school or district for 1:1 initiatives.

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A Creative, Productive Boost

Google’s Chrome technology is designed to foster creativity and boost productivity. With a battery life that lasts well over the school day, and boot-up speed of less that ten seconds, Chromebooks are one of the fastest growing tools for students and teachers to connect, research, and document assignments.

Built for Administrators

IT administrators love Chrome, too. They can easily provision new users, revise device policies and configure apps by groups or for all users in minutes. Agosto will help get you going, so you can take care of one user or your entire school district.

Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education

Chromebooks make even more sense when a school or district is already using Google Apps. Students like being able to edit the same report with their classmates, each person on a different section - no need to ask for the most updated version. Teachers have seen more engagement because the students are using technology they are used to and comfortable with.

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