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In the busy world of event management, businesses are working to connect attendees to the information and experience that they want, using the most up-to-date technology available, at a cost that doesn’t negatively impact their bottom line. Agosto leverages cloud-based productivity solutions and develops systems using Google tools. Our event management clients are thrilled that their registration systems work to provide a flawless customer experience, and that their on-site teams can collaborate more easily, even as they streamline operations and keep costs down. 

Google Cloud Platform makes registration (un)remarkable 

One of the best compliments our Agosto development team has ever received is from an event management client who told us that during their first use of an Agosto-built registration system, absolutely nothing happened. Things ran smoothly. Customers registered and checked in and all their data was there. Everything happened with a few quick clicks and scans, and no one complained. We were thrilled! Since then, Agosto was awarded the Google Enterprise Global Partner of the Year Award for Cloud Platform, a (very) remarkable honor. We’d love to share how we can help you achieve these results at your next big event.

Collaboration for the show and the business

The basis for successful event management is effective communication, and team input.  Google Apps and Google Drive for Work enable event teams to communicate in a highly collaborative environment, for mobile instant messaging and mobile video conferencing. Team members really are able to work from anywhere, securely collaborating from the show floor, or back at the office, which is essential for any event company with mobile workers.  

Event management companies often need to share their latest planning documents and budget spreadsheets across their teams. With Google Apps for Work and Google Drive for Work, collaboration is possible across an organization’s calendar items and documents. Team members can contribute in real-time, from multiple locations, and versioning is no longer an issue. Documents can finally act as a single source of truth, reducing email noise and allowing organizations to focus on providing a high level of customer service. 

File storage needs? How about unlimited

Google Drive provides an unlimited quota for employee inboxes and archives, so no one needs to monitor the amount of data being stored. Document file storage is also unlimited and files event a single file as large as 5TB can be uploaded. 

Free your IT teams

Event management companies find that their IT teams are getting a lower number of email support calls, so they can better focus on the strategic plans that will help drive their businesses forward. Even those organizations without a large, dedicated IT department can benefit from the relative simplicity in the administration of Google Apps. And Agosto has talented change management and training teams that help our clients to correctly provision users, migrate data from legacy systems, and get end users up and running quickly. That way, everyone can get back to making every event a success.

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