Accelerating Cloud Transformation: Trends, Predictions & Case Studies

Wednesday, January 23rd @ 12PM CT
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About the Webinar

Turbocharge your business transformation using cloud platforms in 2019. Public cloud adoption and spending are mainstream and growing at more than 35% per year, but only a small fraction of core business applications run in public or private cloud. In 2019, a major transformation of legacy apps using powerful container-based, cloud-native digital application platforms will take off.

Join the conversation between Rick Erickson, Chief Cloud Strategist at Agosto, Nathan Clevenger, Director Software R&D at Zebra Technologies, and guest speaker Dave Bartoletti, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Get their firsthand insights on accelerating your cloud migration strategy to make the highest impact and improve competitive advantage while developing a holistic cloud governance strategy.

Bartoletti, the lead on Forrester’s cloud computing playbook team, will also share the true state of public, private, and multi-cloud adoption, the main enterprises cloud drivers and challenges, his cloud predictions for 2019, and how enterprises should get started right away to accelerate their own digital transformations using cloud platforms and the hottest emerging technologies.


Rick Erickson

Chief Cloud Strategist, Agosto

As Chief Cloud Strategist, Rick is focused on ensuring that Agosto, and its clients, fully understand, select and deploy enterprise cloud solutions when integrating, modernizing, or moving to the cloud. Rick’s expertise is in navigating the complex cloud provider ecosystem to align the features of private & public clouds that solve the challenges of each unique business.
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Dave Bartoletti

Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Dave Bartoletti has developed, delivered, supported, and marketed game-changing technologies for more than 25 years as a software executive at several high-profile technology and financial services leaders. He was at the forefront of the middleware, web, virtualization, automation, and cloud computing tech disruptions as both vendor and consumer.

Nathan Clevenger

Director Software R&D at Zebra Technologies

Nathan is Director of Portfolio in the Enterprise Software business unit at Zebra Technologies where he leads the roadmap for the Savanna Data Services Platform. He was previously CTO at iFactr, which was acquired by Zebra in 2015.

About Agosto

Founded in 2001, Agosto is a cloud services company that helps organizations leverage Google Cloud products in the private and public sectors, providing technical solutions, change management and training, custom development, migration and deployment from legacy systems, ongoing admin support, and product development. Agosto is one of the largest Cloud Platform Partners globally, and was named Google Global Partner of the Year for Cloud in 2013.

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