Custom Intranet Sites/Templates

Google Sites

Included in G Suite is an easy to use intranet and website builder called Sites. Sites enables companies to provide a single file cabinet for all employees to access certain documents - like from HR or marketing. Permissions can be set for team members to be able to share or access certain areas, and it's easy to manage.

Agosto also offers Google Sites design and build services. Available for an extra service fee, our team of talented designers and web specialists will help you build the most attractive, functional site possible. 

Connect Teams, Share Best Practices 


Also included in G Suite is the social sharing community tool, Google+. Google+ makes sharing team successes and company best practices even simpler, with a familiar blend of linking, showing interest, sharing photos, and more. 


We also suggest:

Archiving and eDiscovery

Google Vault

For an extra cost, you can add legal holds, eDiscovery and audit reports to G Suite. Retain on the record chats in Hangouts, as well as email messages sent and received by employees. Export messages needed for litigation and preserve information past standard retention periods. Agosto can help you get started on the right path with both G Suite and Vault.