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About Agosto

Agosto helps companies innovate on Google Cloud with IoT, Machine Learning/AI, BigData, Infrastructure, and Collaboration. With 10 years of experience, we’re a Google Premier Partner and winners of the 2016 Americas Partner Award for Google Cloud Platform Customer Success. 

Contact us to learn more about the work we do with companies like Google, Goodyear, Starbucks, and Herman Miller, and how your company can leverage the power of data for a competitive advantage. 



Agosto’s IoT Rapid Prototype services are for companies who a) would like to determine business value and the feasibility of a proposed IoT product with minimal investment or b) already have an IoT Product in incubation but needs outside expertise to support its lifecycle.

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Data Analytics

Agosto’s Data Analytics services are for companies who have large sets of data resting in silos, archives, or warehouses and want to process that data to achieve intelligence to support visualized business decisions in near real-time.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Agosto’s Lift and Shift service is an infrastructure offering leveraged by companies with legacy & highly performant workloads in existing data centers, virtual private clouds, or competitive public clouds that want to lift their existing infrastructure and shift it into Google Cloud.

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Machine Learning/AI

Agosto’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services are for companies with an interest in developing an intelligent application and algorithms that leverage modern Machine Learning techniques, but are unclear or unsure of its feasibility.

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Google Enterprise Global Partner
of the Year for Cloud Platform

Named on the
CRN Fast Growth 150

Inc. 5000
(#1343 nationally, #19 locally)


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