With your company email @yourdomain.com, Gmail is a familiar, secure, reliable and functional way to communicate. Agosto can help you get started with this and all of what G Suite provides. 


Email wherever you work

Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with a data connection and offline support lets you keep working even when you’re disconnected. Wherever you work, your email is there.


Pick email addresses that matches your business’s name or web address. If you’re already using the email address you want, you can keep it: you@yourcompany.com

Powerful search

Find exactly what you’re looking for by searching across all your email, labels, and Docs right from your inbox with fast search powered by Google’s search engine.

Connect with people

Your inbox isn't just about messages, it's about people too. Text, voice, and video chat (Hangouts) that are included with G Suite enables you to connect instantly. See your contacts’ profile photos, recent updates and shared docs next to each email.

Work fast, save time

Gmail is designed to make you more productive. 30GB of storage (shared between Gmail and Drive) means you never have to delete anything. Powerful search lets you find everything quickly, and labels and filters help you stay organized.

Inbox space

G Suite Business comes with 30GB of email (shared between Gmail and Drive) storage for every user. This means you can save all your important emails and users won’t have to spend time cleaning out their inbox to free up space.


Ready to Go Google?