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Do you have a use case(s) in mind for Chrome Enterprise?

Let Agosto help guide you through a Chrome Enterprise proof of concept or pilot. With our Jumpstart pilot program, Agosto’s team of Google certified Chrome Enterprise engineers will not only help validate each of your use cases but will also assist with integrating Chrome Enterprise with your current desktop infrastructure. Agosto’s Jumpstart program is a three-step program (outlined below) specifically tailored to fit each individual customer from SMB to large enterprise.

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For over a decade..

Agosto has helped organizations leverage Google Cloud products in the private and public sectors by providing technical solutions, change management and training, migration and deployment from legacy systems, ongoing admin support, and custom product development.

Our certified Chrome Engineers have successfully helped clients pilot, test, deploy, and provide ongoing support for their business needs. A few innovative companies we’ve helped include Schnuck Markets, Scheels Sports, Robinhood, and Urban Outfitters.



Solution vision and Pilot/POC Planning

  • Identify and define the specific use case(s) and requirements for pilot

  • Define high-level technical requirements and identify blockers or watchpoints

  • Identify success criteria and project objectives

  • Pilot project scoping and SOW creation



Integrate with current
desktop infrastructure


Admin Change Management


Integrate with current desktop infrastructure

Agosto will work with your teams to get Chrome Enterprise added and integrated into your current desktop infrastructure. While we will take the time to make sure we meet all of your technical requirements, here are a few of the most common items that we cover with most customers in this phase.


A majority of companies rely on Active Directory (AD) as their identity solution. In some scenarios, you will want to federate your AD to Google Identity accounts. Agosto will assist with mapping Google Identity accounts directly to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or AD.

You also may be utilizing a Single-Sign-On (SSO) provider for authentication. Chrome Enterprise supports authentication against SSO providers that utilize Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0. Agosto’s Chrome Enterprise engineers will assist with the integration of an SSO solution into your Chrome Enterprise environment.

Network and Network Certificates

If you utilize user, server, and/or client certificates allowing users to connect securely to 802.1x wireless, VPN, secure servers, or applications, Agosto can assist with the integration of Chrome Enterprise and your Certificate Authorities, Root CA, or Intermediate CA.

Additionally, if your organization has a custom or complex certificate solution, Agosto has the expertise to develop customized Chrome extensions to support your specific environment.

Policy Configuration

Agosto’s Chrome engineers will assist with policy configuration of each use case to ensure correct user experience and best practices for security, integration, software updates, and more.

Admin Change Management

While we believe that Chrome Enterprise is much easier to manage in an enterprise environment, we recognize that it may be a new process from the solution you currently have in place. Our Chrome Engineers will deliver an extensive Chrome Enterprise admin training with your team. We believe that when the project is complete, you should have a great understanding of how to manage your Chrome Enterprise deployment day-to-day.


Finally, give your end-users a chance to test out Chrome devices in each use case(s). As part of this stage, we will collect feedback and make any policy tweaks that are required to tighten up any final items.



  • Review the original success criteria and project objectives to ensure completion

  • Deployment planning for the full rollout

  • Agosto will continue to provide on-going support for all Chrome Enterprise license customers

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