G Suite

Change Management Subscription.

A 6 month change management services package designed for complete and ongoing G Suite workflow transformation.

If G Suite adoption is the problem, the Agosto Change Management Subscription is the answer! While we pride ourselves on our one-off training courses at Agosto, we also know that many organizations need to go beyond a few training sessions to dig up workflow inefficiencies and bring about real transformation. That’s where Agosto’s 6-month Change Management Subscription comes in, arming you with the tools to unearth change in your organization. From monthly calls and trainings, to communication templates, to establishing an internal task force, we take a guided, multi-faceted approach to reignite user excitement for G Suite.

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1. G Suite Change Management kickoff call

We start the process with a kick off a call with your G Suite project team to get everyone on the same page:

  • IT admins
  • PM
  • Communications Leader
  • Internal Change Manager

2. Innovation Council

We’ll partner together to establish a task force of excited, creative people in your organization who are willing to work together to find fun, impactful ways to increase G Suite adoption.

  • Agosto will assist your team in launching (or re-launching) your Innovation Council.
  • Agosto will lead (or partner with you on) a monthly hour-long meeting with Innovation Council members to invigorate excitement around G Suite. Each month the team will complete short assignments to help further embed Google in the organization – including gathering and sharing success stories.

3. Virtual Transformation Lab

Agosto will partner with the Innovation Council to identify a team within the organization that would benefit from a Virtual Transformation Lab to maximize their day-to-day G Suite workflow. This lab will be conducted between month 4-6 with a small subset of users to brainstorm and prototype improved workflows leveraging G Suite.

4. Communication Templates

We know that training and planning are only parts of the equation, you also need thorough, strategic communications for effective change management!

We’ll set you up with three Skykit digital signage licenses pre-loaded with weekly G Suite updates to increase user awareness of G Suite features and capabilities.

We’ll also send over weekly email templates you can repurpose for your teams to:

  • Highlight upcoming learning opportunities
  • Provide feature updates and hints for priority G Suite resources

5. Monthly Check Ins & Training

Agosto will be with you every step of the way with monthly check ins and trainings to make sure everyone is in the loop.

  • Monthly hour-long check-in call with your G Suite project leader/communications leader to strategize for continued adoption.
  • Monthly 30-minute virtual G Suite course offered to your users to highlight workflow and feature ideas surfaced from the Innovation Council.
  • Monthly virtual Gmail/Calendar Foundations for new hires with access to the recording.
  • Monthly suggested marketing initiative to increase feature awareness and excitement.

Interested in learning more about Agosto’s 6 Month G Suite Change Management Subscription?

Contact us and learn more about how we can take the stress out of ongoing change management at your organization.