Google is in the process of updating the content used in Google Apps Help Sites (also known as the Google Apps Learning Center.) As part of that update we have been informed of an issue for some customers accessing their custom learning sites. Some documents may say, “File is in owner’s trash”. Here is information from Google regarding the impact:

If you created a custom site prior to November 2014, please take the following actions to see if you are impacted:

  1. Can you access support docs listed below in the Affected Custom Learning Center Documents on your custom learning site?

  2. If no, consider the following:

    • If you have numerous files that aren't working, we recommend you create a new site using this custom learning center template, which links to PDFs instead of docs, which also means the support team can update content without changing user-facing links

    • Alternatively, you can redirect the link to the public Google Apps Learning site

  3. Otherwise, please take action to update the files on your site by replacing the links with PDF versions from the Learning Center PDF Library sheet on Google for Work Connect (GWC).  

  4. If you have firewall issues that prevent you from accessing the PDF versions, please copy the needed documents from GWC to your Drive and use those links for your site.  

Google apologizes for the inconvenience, and we at Agosto appreciate your patience. If you have immediate support needs or you would like Agosto to refresh your help site content for you, please contact us.

Potentially Affected Custom Learning Center Documents


  • Get started with Apps


  • Build your Google+ Profile
  • Organize team events with Google+

Google Sites

  • Add flair to your Google site
  • Creating, editing, and sharing a site


  • Video call basics
  • Set up Hangouts on all your devices
  • Introduce yourself with Hangouts
  • Chat basics
  • Google Chat: Send instant messages

Google Groups

  • Build a better virtual team
  • Create a Question & Answer Forum
  • Accelerate answers
  • Create a web forum
  • Google Groups: Create a collaborative inbox
  • Create an email list
  • Find, join, and organize groups
  • Email, invite, and collaborate with Groups
  • What can I do with Groups?
  • Post topics and responses


  • Make event registration easier
  • Shuffle survey options in Forms
  • Get speedier survey results


  • Spreadsheet basics
  • Tackle tasks as a team
  • Smarter project sheets


  • Better brainstorming
  • Make a virtual to-do list
  • Create the perfect proposal
  • Up your Google Docs game
  • Access, create, edit, and print
  • Get more with Add-ons
  • Share and collaborate


  • Switching to Google Drive from Box®
  • Keep track of your files with Drive
  • Switching to Google Drive from Dropbox®
  • Access and organize your files
  • Set up your organization’s fileshare
  • Switching to Google Drive from C:\ Drive
  • Fast track your feedback
  • Get organized with Drive
  • Find files faster
  • Ramp up new team members faster


  • Scheduling, invitations, attachments, and printing
  • Late? Easy ways to catch up
  • Switching to Google Calendar from Microsoft Outlook® Calendar
  • Set up event notifications
  • Layer multiple calendars
  • Recommended Gmail & Calendar Labs
  • Create tasks in your calendar
  • Recreate Calendar events from Lotus Notes
  • Events with video calls
  • Google Calendar for Administrative Assistants
  • Share your calendar and view others' calendars
  • Transfer event ownership
  • Create a team calendar


  • Create a team calendar
  • Compose at a glance
  • Gmail Differences
  • Change a conversation's subject
  • Archive old emails
  • Personalize your inbox
  • Get speedier results with Gmail
  • Keep track of tasks
  • Create nested labels
  • Priority Inbox
  • Drag and drop attachments
  • Sort messages using keyword search
  • Dragging Images
  • Switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook®
  • SmartLabels
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Unthread your conversations
  • Signatures, labels, and filters
  • Create email filters
  • Tips for a tidy inbox
  • Sort your schedule from your inbox
  • See exactly what's in your reply
  • Sending, replying, attachments, and printing
  • Compose in a new browser window
  • Conversation vs. Messages


  • Email, find, and manage your contacts
  • Import personal contacts from Lotus Notes
  • Create groups and mailing lists