Google Enterprise Search: a search appliance love story

Bring the power of Google’s search capabilities to your intranet, databases, cloud applications, and much more. A Google Search Appliance (also known as a GSA) can provide your employees or external site visitors with an easy-to-use, dependable search experience. Agosto will help you customize your GSA’s capabilities and increase the speed, range of results, and search functionality for your users.

A GSA uses the same algorithms used by That means your users will see the most relevant search results first. And with over 220 file types and translation for 72 languages, the user experience is a personalized and positive one.

You can also extend search results beyond files and databases to include content from social media streams and different cloud applications. With results delivered through a browser, searching a GSA is also possible from mobile devices, depending on your organizations needs.

Provide your employees with the user experience that they’ve come to expect from Google, driving better business performance based on Google’s core capabilities. With the document preview feature, you can review and page through a document directly from within the search results. Secure translation taps the power of Google to automatically translate search results and updated language libraries also offer quality to searches.