Save time, search smart

The expert search features of the GSA help employees to tap into your company's knowledge base by suggesting other employees with expertise related to queries. Expert search is fully integrated with SharePoint 2010 and can draw from the wealth of information stored in employees' profiles.

With Entity Recognition, content is automatically classified and tagged with no need for human intervention. Related information can be automatically surfaced, enabling your users to find relevant and useful information they may have not been searching for. With fine-grained, 

user security fully-integrated, you can offer an up-to-date navigation experience no matter how complex the security needs.

Sorting by metadata is also now possible. Users can search by the attributes of a piece of content, so if they only know the date that the piece was created or the price of something within a document or its author, they’ll still quickly find what they’re looking for.

GSAs are also secure, infinitely scalable, and will save your organization time and, as a result, money.