We solve inadequate infrastructure with scalable solutions,
bringing disparate systems together. 

Agosto often works with companies that are growing quickly through acquisitions. Many of these, especially holding companies, find their IT teams without adequate infrastructure expansion capabilities to handle the growth. The companies being acquired have disparate systems, from email, to storage, to document management. Until they start working with Agosto, they’ve had to leave in place several separate legacy systems. Luckily, we can deliver a common platform for acquired businesses, that replace costly on-premise software, servers, video conferencing, eDiscovery (e-discovery), and more with easy to manage Google solutions.

Productivity that scales

With Agosto’s help, IT teams are able to rapidly transition all end users from multiple companies to Google Drive for Work. Google Drive for Work includes all the productivity tools needed for email and document management, and for video conferencing and unlimited file storage. Even more exciting, users can upload files, folders, backups and more with a 5TB single files size limit, and unlimited personal storage. All this for just $120 per user per year. Companies are using Google Drive for Work as a way to stabilize their infrastructure, save on costs, increase collaboration, and simplify storage across divisions and work sites.

Save millions in eDiscovery specialist costs

Getting a newly acquired group of employees added to Google Drive for Work is a snap. Being able to audit their email, chat, and documents using the included eDiscovery and audit APIs can be even more valuable for a legal or finance team trying to manage employee files when someone leaves a company. Today it’s not uncommon for a company to spend tens of thousands of dollars per terabyte of data searched in the event of a lawsuit. With Google Drive for Work, searching and retention are simply delivered, since they are built on Google's world-class search technology.

Email and calendars made easy

Merging calendars can be difficult when working between multiple systems and applications. Google Apps and Google Drive for Work lets you arrange your day with Calendar and get event reminders on your phone or in your inbox. Attach files, docs, or a video conference to your event so you have the right materials when your meeting starts.

IT teams can finally relax

We enable the companies we work with so their IT teams can now add hundreds of new users easily to the system, getting them set up and ready to log into Google Apps in minutes rather than the days it previously took. With no server upgrades to schedule, no desktop software patches to install or versions to manage, IT teams are able to work faster, eliminating the conflicts and downtime they previously experienced. They are also saving significantly on both software and hardware costs. Plus, with Agosto's professional change management and training assistance, companies can minimize downtime and get the entire organization up and collaborating quickly. 

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