You can buy G Suite for just $60/user/year. That’s it - one price fits all for business users in organizations of any size. 

There’s no complicated paperwork to try to figure out how much things cost. Everyone gets access to the many real-time collaborative capabilities with email, documents, and spreadsheets. Everyone gets to create and share presentations and drawings. Best of all, everyone can use the much-loved Google Hangouts - video conferencing and live chat that makes it easy for teams to work together, face to face, from anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for just a little more to love from Google, G Suite Business gives you all the benefits of G Suite, and also adds eDiscovery, auditing of messages and emails, unlimited storage, mobile device management, and more. The cost is just $120/user/year.

The benefit of going Google through Agosto is that we offer a range of cloud solutions, custom cloud product development, and have support options to fit your company. On top of G Suite licensing and deployment, we also offer change management, ongoing training, and a help desk for admins.