Agosto’s IoT Rapid Prototype services are for companies who a) would like to determine business value and the feasibility of a proposed IoT product with minimal investment or b) already have an IoT Product in incubation but needs outside expertise to support its lifecycle.

Agosto has the proven experience and skills to bring any digital platform (analytics on the edge, connectivity, cloud, and user experience) to life through a proven process that begins with Human Centered Design focused on all of the key stakeholders. It is ideal for organizations that want to see what is possible, showcase an idea, or develop an early proof that provides internal value that stakeholders can use to gain traction for project approval.


Agosto’s Innovation Approach


Our Rapid Prototype engagement process is a phased approach with minimal investment and can usually be delivered in less than six working weeks.


  • Start: Acceleration workshop to collaborate with key stakeholders


  • Plan: Solution Analysis and define the scope


  • Deploy: Prototype Launch with knowledge transfer and stakeholder support


  • Build: Develop the Prototype using Agile methods over two week sprints: edge hardware, software, connectivity, functional and mockup


  • Optimize: Feature and system enhancements based on stakeholder feedback

Agosto is helping us launch new products more quickly and below the cost of what our internal teams could deliver.
— Product Manager, a Fortune 150 Company

About Us

Agosto helps companies innovate on Google Cloud with Infrastructure, IoT, Machine Learning/AI, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Collaboration. Founded in 2001, and with over 10 years of experience on Google Cloud, we’re a Google Tier 1, Premier Partner and the 2013 Google Global Partner of the Year for Cloud. Agosto’s clients include Google, Goodyear, Herman Miller, and Dana. We’re headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and have offices in Toronto, Ontario.

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