IoT (M2M) Accelerator


IoT (M2M) Accelerator is a cloud-based software foundation for improving machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications analysis, interaction and reporting.

Based using Google's Cloud Platform products, IoT (M2M) Accelerator gathers multiple device inputs and simulates to scale.

With several layers of security, the framework processes up to millions of events an hour, storing and managing results. User interaction is enabled across the framework for meaningful reporting, planning, data export, analysis and other ongoing user tasks.


Functional Diagram


Data Integration / Security

Data collected from multiple devices, simulations ensure function at scale. Info is secured and prepared for processing.

  • Device inputs
  • Simulations
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role based access
  • Demo and pilot support

Event Processing

Workflows kicked off, data properly indexed and stored, additional rules and web services applied.

  • Workflow instantiation
  • Object storage
  • Text storage & indexing
  • Retention management
  • Web service integration

User Interaction

Specific tasks are designated by role, with location information, analytics, and reporting enabled.

  • User tasks
  • Reporting
  • Tenant administration
  • Search and analysis
  • Data export

Data Retention Management

Longer-term data and cloud storage rules are applied and managed, and audits are logged.

  • Policy management
  • Object based retention
  • Modification and deletion

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