Whether you’re incubating an idea or need to scale your IoT product, Agosto has the experience to accelerate your time to market. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies to build market-changing IoT applications in the retail, manufacturing, and transportation verticals.  


Our customers generally fit in one of two categories:

1. Incubating an IoT product

  • The IoT Product is in incubation. Bring in outside expertise to support its lifecycle.

2. Scaling an IoT product  

  • The product is running into problems like: operational costs, scaling, or support.

  • Unsupported market requirements: challenges with real-time, predictive, or historic analytics, new features, integration, or end-of-life proprietary services.

Incubating: Transformation Process

Our Internet of Things business transformation and consulting workshops are designed to accelerate your journey to a sustainable IoT business focused on growth and value creation. 

9 out of 10 new products fail to gain market traction even when they’re launched out of well-established companies. We help you navigate risk through a standardized process that adds value and helps you determine investment before you enter each stage in the transformation process. 

We help you understand market viability, and evolve your product and vision so it’s in line with the market. 

Scaling: Innovation Process 

Agosto can help you scale your IoT project or product without disrupting existing clients. Our engagement process begins with an analysis of your existing offering to determine your key targets to unlock new business potential. Combining Agosto’s 5 years of IoT experience and industry experts in software architecture, industrial design, infrastructure architecture, and device clouds, Agosto can help you and your team build a scalable solution. 

Agosto will help you scale your existing state, identify potential targets, consider new architectural changes, and map out the business case: investment, cost savings, operational improvements, and increased capabilities.


Our Approach:


Initial Meeting: 

Think of our process as a timeline from conception to product launch. We establish pre-defined stages along the timeline. Every company has different requirements, vision, and product maturity, so the first meeting is to measure what stage of the timeline you fit into. 

Stage 1: Connected Business Workshop

We develop an objective third-party review of your connected business opportunity. We equip product and operations teams to quickly innovate a connected strategy, business model, and roadmap. This offers a clear path to business success.

Stage 2: Acceleration Workshop

We host an acceleration workshop with industry experts across our connected products team. These includes experts from industrial design, UX, back-end architecture, operations, analytics, along with your domain experts. The goal of this workshop is to quickly uncover any product feasibility concerns and determine an early specification for a prototype. 

Stage 3: Rapid Prototyping

We create a sensor-to-cloud prototype. This 30-day deliverable includes data flow to a back-end system with foundational business logic, functional conditions, or state change and data visualization. This offers a product to socialize  with key stakeholders and create alignment with other business units. 

Stage 4: Limited Customer Pilot

We advance the prototype to support a limited customer pilot. We hold a discovery workshop, and using market feedback, we narrow the product focus. Through this, we will finalize the licensing model, clarify user workflows, and identify the core functional requirements for an MVP. 

Stage 5: MVP Specification

We consolidate all our learnings and hold a series of workshops to finalize the key specifications for an MVP. This is also the stage where we finalize the Product Requirements Document (roadmap) and define the primary licensing, support and economics model.