Agosto’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services are for companies with an interest in developing an intelligent application and algorithms that leverage modern Machine Learning techniques, but are unclear or unsure of its feasibility. It is ideal for organizations that want to gain unique insights, optimize or identify unseen and emerging patterns, or automate human tasks at scale.


Agosto’s Innovation Approach


Our Crawl, Walk, Run Engagement process evaluates the stage at which your company needs to begin. We see many companies interested in Machine Learning and AI, but unsure about the benefits. We help you determine if it’s the right technology to solve your specific problem.


  • Start: Discover and define the business problem, determine viability, and set core business goals


  • Plan: Establish an analytic approach, technical evaluation, and establish success criteria


  • Deploy: Plan implementation, deploy model, and implement findings checking business viability


  • Build: Generate core features, train the model, retrain, and review insights with feedback


  • Optimize: Review outcomes and design a sustainable algorithm enhancement support model

Agosto is helping us launch new products more quickly and below the cost of what our internal teams could deliver.
— Product Manager, a Fortune 150 Company

About Us

Agosto helps companies innovate on Google Cloud with Infrastructure, IoT, Machine Learning/AI, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Collaboration. Founded in 2001, and with over 10 years of experience on Google Cloud, we’re a Google Tier 1, Premier Partner and the 2013 Google Global Partner of the Year for Cloud. Agosto’s clients include Google, Goodyear, Herman Miller, and Dana. We’re headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and have offices in Toronto, Ontario.

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