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Manufacturers today are trying to sort through the maze of on-premise and cloud-based productivity solutions, often paying for costly licenses for line workers who don’t have or need access workstations or computers 100% of the time. They need ways to get safety rules and reminders across to their teams. And they need a provider like Agosto to help navigate the implementation of new productivity tools.

Improve communication

To stay competitive, manufacturers should incorporate technology solutions that keep their workers informed, safe, and productive. Agosto is pleased to offer our clients assistance with cloud-based business tools to improve communication and the bottom line. We help manufacturing companies provide online access using cost-effective Google Apps for Work and Google Drive for Work and Chromebooks, which can act as secure communications kiosks for multiple employees. We also provide customized cloud product development to help companies bring their products and processes to the cloud.


By moving to Google Apps and Google Drive for Work, manufacturers are enabling their employees to collaborate on the same design documents and inventory spreadsheets in real-time, with team members elsewhere in the office or at another plant across the globe. Employees can access their calendar, spreadsheets, and documents from a mobile device or a shared computer like a Chromebook.

For manufacturers experiencing growth by acquiring other companies, Agosto can help IT leaders to quickly bring the entire population onto the same easy to manage communications platform, reducing strains on productivity and helping teams get back to the business of innovation in manufacturing.

Free up your IT team

Google productivity tools offer a simplified yet scalable infrastructure on a variable cost model. It’s often a struggle to balance IT support time to manage on-premise servers and the cost of upgrades. And there are no more email quotas with 30GB per user (with Google Apps for Work) and an unlimited amount of storage (as well as eDiscovery, auditing capabilities and more with Google Drive for Work).

Featured Customer Success Stories in Manufacturing


Superior Industries

U.S. bulk material handling equipment and components manufacturer gives easy kiosk productivity connection to shop employees and keeps its teams connected across the U.S.

Brake Supply

U.S. and Canada-based rebuild center operator replaces antiquated workflows with real-time collaboration and saves $1M+ over 5 years.

Egan Company

Fully integrated, U.S. specialty contractor gives easy video conferencing and document collaboration access to its field managers.