Local Business Owners Meet With Google’s Eric Schmidt

Agosto was recently participated in a facilitating a 'round-table' discuss with Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, and Minneapolis Mayor, RT Rybak. Kim Plahn, President and CFO of Dunn Bros Coffee and a long-standing Agosto client, participated in the discussion. Plahn described how Dunn Bros. has no internal IT staff, and said that shifting to Google [Apps] has helped the company’s 20 corporate employees and 84 coffee shops—most of which are owned by franchisees—operate smoothly, as they don’t need to oversee tech operations in-house. “It lets our owners do what they do best: coffee,” she said.* Dunn Bros, with assistance from Agosto, migrated to Google Apps in 2009. Agosto is Dunn Bros.' IT department; providing Managed Services, Cloud Services and Strategic Services.

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